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Part 1

• The play begins with Odysseus standing outside of Ajax's tent, trying to determine if Ajax is inside.

• Athena, a goddess, appears and asks why he is there.

• Odysseus tells her that he wants to find out if Ajax is guilty of viciously slaughtering a herd of cattle.

• Athena says that Ajax is guilty, and that he planned to kill Menelaus and Agamemnon in retaliation for giving Achilles' armor to Odysseus rather than him.

• Athena made Ajax kill cattle instead of the men.

• Athena makes Odysseus invisible and summon Ajax.

• Ajax tells Athena that he slaughtered Agamemnon and Menelaus, and has captured Odysseus, whom he plans to torture.

• Athena tells Odysseus that what he has seen serves as a warning that even the greatest men can be brought low by the events of one day.

• The Chorus appears and speaks their belief that the rumor about Ajax slaughtering...

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