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Cristina Garcia
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which state reminds Constancia of her life in Cuba?

2. How long after Blanca's death does Ignacio die?

3. How far does Ignacio have to carry his wife's body to the nearest town?

4. What does Ignacio have a passion for even from an early age?

5. Which of Abelardo's family members does Dulce steal money and jewelry from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Constancia visit Oscar Pinago?

2. What is Gonzalo's theory about Herberto's attackers, and how does Constancia feel about Gonzalo's theory?

3. What bad omen does Soledad Aguero see on the day she gives birth to her son Ignacio?

4. How does the working relationship between Ignacio and Blanca change after she finds out she is pregnant?

5. How does Ignacio react after his wife dies in the swamp?

6. Why does the marriage between Dulce and Abelardo eventually fall apart?

7. How do Reina and Russ Hicks meet?

8. What role does the hummingbird play in Blanca's death in the Zapatos Swamp?

9. How does Ignacio react to the news that his wife, Blanca, has gone missing?

10. In the second retelling of the final night in Zapatos Swamp, what does Ignacio remember about the moment when he shot his wife?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Aguero sisters, Reina and Constancia, set out to start a new life for themselves in Miami. Compare/contrast the ways that each sister hopes to leave Cuba behind and start fresh in Florida. How do each of these sisters set out to start new lives away from the heavy history of their parents?

Essay Topic 2

The Cuban revolution plays a small role in the background of the novel. How does the Cuban Revolution affect the main characters, the Aguero sisters, during the course of this novel? What symbolic importance does the war have on what is happening in the sisters' lives? Why might Cristina Garcia have chosen to include it in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Money seems to be the one driving force in Dulce Aguero's life. Explain what Dulce's life was like while she was living in Cuba and why the prostitution jobs she took seemed necessary. Then, explain how Dulce's quest for financial stability affected the romantic relationships in her life.

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