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Cristina Garcia
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the relationship between Ignacio and Blanca Aguero?

2. What do Constancia's relatives tell her about Gonzalo Cruz while at the family funeral?

3. After Herberto goes missing, what does Constancia begin selling door-to-door?

4. Who is Dulce fired for fraternizing with?

5. What unusual food item does Bengt feed Dulce in his hotel room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Dulce meets Bengt and returns to his hotel with him?

2. What does the santero advise Constancia to do before heading back to Cuba in search of the truth?

3. What is Gonzalo's theory about Herberto's attackers, and how does Constancia feel about Gonzalo's theory?

4. What does Dulce claim is the only thing the Cuban government cannot ration?

5. How do Reina and Russ Hicks meet?

6. Why does Constancia travel door-to-door after Herberto goes missing?

7. How does Constancia treat Herberto's dead body?

8. How does Ignacio react after his wife dies in the swamp?

9. What answers does Ignacio finally give to the readers as to his motivations in killing Blanca and lying to his daughters?

10. In the second retelling of the final night in Zapatos Swamp, what does Ignacio remember about the moment when he shot his wife?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ignacio is presented in the novel as a man who takes advantage of others in order to further his own career. Explain how Ignacio charmed his way into a luxurious life, and ultimately, what the effects of a swindler's life had on his existence.

Essay Topic 2

Ignacio Aguero had a string of lies that he fed his daughters in regards to their mother's death. Create a time line of Ignacio's lies and describe how they changed and grew as his daughters aged. Then, explain how the constant lies affected the relationships both Reina and Constancia had with their father.

Essay Topic 3

Money seems to be the one driving force in Dulce Aguero's life. Explain what Dulce's life was like while she was living in Cuba and why the prostitution jobs she took seemed necessary. Then, explain how Dulce's quest for financial stability affected the romantic relationships in her life.

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