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Cristina Garcia
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Short Answer Questions

1. What reason do the doctors give for Reina's injuries?

2. During what month of the year do Ignacio and Blanca head to the swamps in search of the elusive animal?

3. How long after Blanca's death does Ignacio die?

4. Which animals live in paddocks at Hialeah Park?

5. Which of the following is NOT an injury that Reina sustained in her accident?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in the minutes before Dulce is arrested at the Habana Libre Hotel?

2. What happens when Ignacio and Blanca stop searching the swamp and decide to take a rest?

3. When does Constancia realize that her father, Ignacio, is lying to her about her mother's death?

4. What is Gonzalo's theory about Herberto's attackers, and how does Constancia feel about Gonzalo's theory?

5. Why is Renaldo Aguero well respected in his community?

6. What happens when Reina attempts to move the last water pump in La Cobre?

7. How does Constancia react to Reina's theories about their father killing their mother?

8. How does Constancia Cruz feel about miracles?

9. What does Dulce claim is the only thing the Cuban government cannot ration?

10. Why does Reina visit La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ignacio Aguero had a string of lies that he fed his daughters in regards to their mother's death. Create a time line of Ignacio's lies and describe how they changed and grew as his daughters aged. Then, explain how the constant lies affected the relationships both Reina and Constancia had with their father.

Essay Topic 2

Ignacio is presented in the novel as a man who takes advantage of others in order to further his own career. Explain how Ignacio charmed his way into a luxurious life, and ultimately, what the effects of a swindler's life had on his existence.

Essay Topic 3

When Reina was born, Constancia had an extremely adverse reaction to her new baby sister. Explain the way Constancia treated Reina, with at least two examples of abuse that were presented in the novel. Then, compare/contrast the reaction that both Ignacio and Blanca had to the way the two sisters interacted as children.

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