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Cristina Garcia
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reina offer to La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in prayer?
(a) A purse of coins.
(b) A hollyhock.
(c) A lock of her hair.
(d) A wrench.

2. What part of Reina's face is/are described as being "large and flawless"?
(a) Her nose.
(b) Her mouth.
(c) Her eyes.
(d) Her ears.

3. What does Reina bring with her to the funeral home to place in her mother's coffin?
(a) A snakeskin.
(b) A pressed flower.
(c) A handful of golden leaves.
(d) A photograph of Reina as a child.

4. What nickname does Reina receive from her co-workers?
(a) Compañera Atlantia.
(b) Compañera Africana.
(c) Compañera Americanish.
(d) Compañera Amazona.

5. What is the name of Gonzalo's radical militia group?
(a) La Brigada Cubana.
(b) La Brigada Concubine.
(c) La Brigada Caimán.
(d) La Briganda Cuerto.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long after moving in with Abelardo does Ducle run away?

2. How does Herberto feel when he trains for the resistance in Cuba?

3. How far does Ignacio have to carry his wife's body to the nearest town?

4. What instrument does Ignacio's father, Renaldo, play?

5. Where is Ignacio's father, Reinaldo, born?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Reina visit La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre?

2. Who is Evaristo Leal, and why does he show up on Constancia's doorstep?

3. What happens when Herberto decides to go fishing in Biscayne Bay?

4. How does Ignacio's mother react to the news that Ignacio has dropped out of school?

5. When does Constancia realize that her father, Ignacio, is lying to her about her mother's death?

6. What gifts does Reina give to Isabel and her new son, Raku?

7. How does Constancia Cruz feel about miracles?

8. What does Ignacio remember about the moments right after his wife was shot?

9. What is the incident that occurs in 1914 that Ignacio claims changed his father?

10. How does Constancia react to Reina's theories about their father killing their mother?

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