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Cristina Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Polishing Bones.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As an adult, where does Reina deposit her father's shotgun?
(a) In the sea.
(b) In a safe.
(c) In her mother's grave.
(d) At a bus station.

2. At what time of day do Ignacio and Blanca stop to rest in their search?
(a) Five.
(b) Noon.
(c) Midnight.
(d) Three.

3. What does Reina offer to La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in prayer?
(a) A lock of her hair.
(b) A hollyhock.
(c) A purse of coins.
(d) A wrench.

4. How does Reina pass her evening hours while living with Constancia?
(a) She drives her motorcycle through the city's dirt roads.
(b) She begins digging ditches searching for gold.
(c) She takes a boat out onto the water.
(d) She takes photographs of birds in their natural habitat.

5. After leaving Abelardo, what does Dulce find a job doing?
(a) Teaching English.
(b) Baking.
(c) Sewing.
(d) Nannying.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Reina sit in the Cuban government's office before she receives the answer about her visa to travel to America?

2. How many days does thirteen-year-old Ignacio sit on the found nest, protecting the eggs from predators?

3. Which book does Ignacio receive for his thirteenth birthday?

4. What instrument does Ignacio's father, Renaldo, play?

5. In what city of Florida does Reina live with her sister, Constancia?

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