The Aguero Sisters Character Descriptions

Cristina Garcia
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Constancia Agüero Cruz - This character is fifty-one-years-old and makes a living selling makeup out of a deep conviction of its importance.

Ignacio Agüero - This character shoots and kills a spouse in the Zapata Swamp and spends life telling lies until committing suicide.

Reina Agüero - This character is voluptuous, romantic, and irresistible to men until being struck by lightning, working as a electrician, and having to undergo many surgeries.

Pepín Beltrán - This character wears orthopedic shoes and is an official in the Ministry of Agriculture with a strict loyalty to Cuba.

Gonzalo Cruz - This character has been married six times, is known for being an unforgettable lover, and has a shortened leg from fighting in the Bay of Pigs.

Heberto Cruz - This character is a stable, successful businessperson with a steady mercantile drive who owns a...

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