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Short Answer Questions

1. About what do Newland and Ellen talk?

2. What does Newland discover during the honeymoon?

3. What do Newland and Ellen agree to do?

4. Where will Ellen's train arrive?

5. What does Newland begin to tell May when they return home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the news that finally thwarts Newland and Ellen's ever being together?

2. What is the family's continuing perception of Ellen?

3. What is the suspected cause of Mrs. Mingott's stroke?

4. How does Newland find Ellen in Boston?

5. What topic of conversation do Newland and Ellen inevitably discuss?

6. What is Mr. Riviere's opinion about Ellen returning to her husband?

7. How does the author show that Newland and May are settling into a boring, routine marriage.

8. Why is May hesitant about attending a dinner party while on the honeymoon trip in Europe?

9. What deceitful behavior does Newland exhibit in Chapter 22?

10. How is Ellen's unconventional behavior ultimately rationalized by friends and family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Newland choose not to visit Ellen at the end of the story? What is the significance of the blinds on Ellen's apartment shutting as Newland watches the window from below? What is Newland's mood as the story ends?

Essay Topic 2

The story takes place in the early 1870s in New York City. Explain why the story could not have taken place in any other setting--both time period and location.

Essay Topic 3

Why is Ellen's arrival into the scene so controversial? Why does she make the others so uncomfortable?

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