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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprising news does May have for Newland?
(a) She wants to redecorate the house
(b) She is pregnant
(c) She is leaving him
(d) She has already filed for divorce

2. What does Newland tell Ellen?
(a) He had made plans to travel to Washington to see her
(b) He is leaving May
(c) He has bought another horse
(d) He has started her divorce proceedings

3. What is Ellen instructed to do?
(a) Meet with her minister
(b) Return to New York within 24 hours
(c) Obtain theater tickets
(d) Buy some new evening gowns

4. What does Newland's frustration cause him to do?
(a) Slaps Ellen across the cheek
(b) Begins to cry uncontrollably
(c) Stops the carriage and gets out in the snow
(d) Begs Ellen to change her mind

5. What does Ellen receive while in Washington?
(a) Yellow roses
(b) A divorce decree
(c) A telegram
(d) A birthday card

Short Answer Questions

1. Ellen did not announce her intention to return to Europe until ________________________.

2. What does Newland not understand about Ellen's behavior?

3. Why is Newland excluded from many family conversations?

4. What mutual confession do Newland and Ellen make?

5. What does Newland tell May to get her to leave with him during the opera?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Newland's plan for running away with Ellen?

2. Why is May hesitant about attending a dinner party while on the honeymoon trip in Europe?

3. What event occurs to alter Newland's Washington travel plans?

4. What do Newland and Ellen agree to do while they are about to leave the art museum?

5. What is the irony of Newland seeing Mr. Riviere when he returns to New York?

6. What is the suspected cause of Mrs. Mingott's stroke?

7. How does Newland respond while traveling in Europe and receiving an invitation to visit Ellen at her home?

8. How does the author show that Newland and May are settling into a boring, routine marriage.

9. What is Mr. Riviere's opinion about Ellen returning to her husband?

10. What is the state of Newland and May's marriage and family twenty-five-years after Ellen returns to Europe?

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