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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprising news does May have for Newland?
(a) She is leaving him
(b) She has already filed for divorce
(c) She is pregnant
(d) She wants to redecorate the house

2. What does Ellen promise Newland?
(a) She will not ask any more favors of Newland
(b) She will not say anything to May
(c) She will return to her husband
(d) She will not go back to her husband

3. Why is Newland excluded from many family conversations?
(a) He is insensitive
(b) He is on Ellen's side
(c) He has no patience for them
(d) He does not like gossip

4. Where do Newland and Ellen agree to meet the next day?
(a) The Ritz
(b) The train station
(c) The art museum in the park
(d) The Botanical Gardens

5. What does Newland tell Ellen?
(a) He had made plans to travel to Washington to see her
(b) He has bought another horse
(c) He has started her divorce proceedings
(d) He is leaving May

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Newland tell May after the party?

2. Where does Newland go at the beginning of Chapter 23?

3. What decision does Newland make?

4. What does Newland understand after his conversation with Mrs. Mingott?

5. How are May's dinner conversation skills?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Newland and Ellen decide to manage their situation?

2. What is Mr. Riviere's opinion about Ellen returning to her husband?

3. What is Newland's reaction when Ellen tells him they cannot run away together?

4. What two rumors about Julius Beaufort surface in Chapter 26?

5. How does Newland determine that he is kept out of many family discussions?

6. Explain the nature of Newland's growing disappointment with his new wife.

7. What is the irony of Newland seeing Mr. Riviere when he returns to New York?

8. What is the suspected cause of Mrs. Mingott's stroke?

9. How does Newland miss an opportunity to talk to Ellen while at Newport?

10. What is Newland's plan in spite of a big going away party for Ellen?

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