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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Newland Archer's fiancee?
(a) Ellen Olenska
(b) Elaine van der Luyden
(c) May Welland
(d) Janey Welland

2. Why is Ellen's family pleased with Newland?
(a) He helped Ellen find a house
(b) He helped Ellen with her finances
(c) He sends flowers to Ellen
(d) He has convinced Ellen to drop the divorce

3. What does Newland tell May?
(a) He is going out of town for a few days
(b) He found them a great apartment
(c) He has his wedding guest list finished
(d) He sent flowers to Ellen

4. Who dines at the Archer household the night after the ball?
(a) Mr. Stillerton Jackson
(b) Countess Olenska
(c) Mr. and Mrs. van der Luyden
(d) Julius and Regina Beaufort

5. What angers Newland when he arrives at the answer to #43?
(a) He sees Julius Beaufort
(b) He has mud on his shoes
(c) He has forgotten his calling cards
(d) He has come on the wrong day

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had sent the object in #79?

2. For what reason does Newland approve of the divorce?

3. What frustrates Newland about May?

4. What is Newland pleasantly surprised to find out about Ellen?

5. Ellen's aunt tells her that someone has sent her ______________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What issue does Newland bring up again when he sees May?

2. Describe the Beauforts and their place in New York society.

3. How does Newland maintain a flirtation with Ellen?

4. How does Newland feel about Ellen's rumored involvement with her husband's secretary?

5. What is the setting for the story and the first chapter in particular?

6. What is the opinion of Ellen held by the Archer family members?

7. On what issue does Newland ask May to violate social norms?

8. What convinces May that Newland really does want to marry her?

9. In what way does Newland show his growing fondness for Ellen?

10. What does Newland do after the awkward meeting with Ellen at Skuytercliff?

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