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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Newland ask Ellen?
(a) If he can see her the following night
(b) If she still wants to divorce her husband
(c) If she would like to go to dinner
(d) If she likes the roses he sends

2. What does Newland consider his job to be regarding May?
(a) To buy her a new wardrobe each season
(b) To provide the biggest house he can
(c) Make sure she cultivates her own opinions and expresses them
(d) To expose her to more of the arts

3. What is Newland's objection to handling the divorce?
(a) He does not handle divorce cases
(b) He is practically family
(c) He has a conflict of interest
(d) His case load is too heavy

4. Ellen's aunt tells her that someone has sent her ______________________.
(a) a new hat
(b) theater tickets
(c) a necklace
(d) a bouquet

5. What does May ask Newland?
(a) If there is another woman in the picture
(b) If they can change their honeymoon destination
(c) If she can get some new clothes
(d) If she can get a different engagement ring

Short Answer Questions

1. What social impropriety does Ellen commit at the dinner party?

2. In what decade does this story begin?

3. Of what action of Ellen's does Newland approve?

4. Where do the Wellands go on their annual vacation?

5. What does Newland consider his marriage to May to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. What convinces May that Newland really does want to marry her?

2. What is the turning point of the book as exhibited in Chapter 19?

3. How does Ellen show her disdain for her husband?

4. Describe how the van der Luydens show their power in New York society.

5. What does Ellen do to create some drama in her relationship with Newland?

6. How does the author indicate Ellen's feelings for Newland at this point?

7. Explain why Newland is both baffled and pleased by a visit to Ellen's home.

8. What is the setting for the story and the first chapter in particular?

9. Explain Newland and May's betrothal visits.

10. How does Ellen exhibit unconventional behavior in public in Chapter 8?

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