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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Newland find when he reaches the house where Ellen is staying?
(a) She will not see him
(b) She has gone to Boston on a business matter
(c) She is in bed with a migraine
(d) She is at the beach for the afternoon

2. What was Newland's first vacation destination choice?
(a) The Bahamas
(b) Boco Raton
(c) Newport
(d) Maine

3. What does Newland tell Ellen?
(a) He has bought another horse
(b) He had made plans to travel to Washington to see her
(c) He is leaving May
(d) He has started her divorce proceedings

4. What is Newland's secret plan?
(a) To leave the law firm
(b) To alter Mrs. Mingott's will to exclude Ellen
(c) Find out where Ellen plans to travel and go with her
(d) To have an affair with Ellen

5. How does Newland travel to his destination?
(a) Car
(b) Subway
(c) Carriage
(d) Train

6. What does May tell Newland when he mentions Ellen?
(a) Ellen would never hurt her
(b) Ellen is returning to Europe
(c) Newland will come to his senses in time
(d) He and Ellen can rot

7. What does Ellen tell Newland?
(a) Her husband has offered her money to return
(b) Her husband wants a divorce immediately
(c) She is pregnant
(d) She is in love with someone new

8. What does Newland tell May to get her to leave with him during the opera?
(a) He has a headache
(b) His stomach is upset
(c) The music is too loud
(d) He has an early morning tomorrow

9. Who is it rumored will soon lose all his money?
(a) Julius Beaufort
(b) John D. Rockefeller
(c) Andrew Carnegie
(d) Mr. van der Luyden

10. Why does Ellen not pursue a relationship with Newland?
(a) She is in love with someone else
(b) She does not want to hurt May
(c) She does not want to leave her husband
(d) She is returning to Europe

11. What decision does Newland make regarding his travel plans?
(a) He changes them to a new date
(b) He decides to keep them
(c) He revises them to include May
(d) He cancels them

12. What is Newland's real plan?
(a) To arrange a surprise party for May
(b) To buy a hostess gift for Mrs. Welland
(c) To order a new wardrobe
(d) To find Ellen

13. In what city is the event of #92?
(a) Berlin
(b) Paris
(c) London
(d) Prague

14. What decision does Newland make?
(a) To go to Boston the next day
(b) To stop seeing Ellen
(c) To divorce May
(d) To buy two horses

15. Where do Newland and May spend the summer following their wedding?
(a) Newport
(b) Maine
(c) The Keys
(d) Boca Raton

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the source of Mrs. Mingott's illness?

2. What is Mr. Riviere's belief about Ellen?

3. What mutual confession do Newland and Ellen make?

4. Who offers to pick Ellen up at the station?

5. Who is staying with Mrs. Mingott in Newport?

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