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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is having dinner with Mrs. Archer, Janey, Newland and May?
(a) Julius Beaufort
(b) Mr. van der Luyden
(c) Mr. Jackson
(d) Countess Oleska

2. What does Ellen ask of Newland?
(a) That he help her get a divorce
(b) That they keep their relationship proper
(c) That he loan her some money
(d) That he divorce May

3. Where has Ellen been living?
(a) Portland
(b) Boston
(c) Newport
(d) Washington

4. At whose home do Newland, May, Mrs. Archer, Janey and Mr. Jackson dine before going to the opera?
(a) The Beauforts' home
(b) The MacMillans' home
(c) The van der Luydens' home
(d) The Carnegies' home

5. Where does Newland find Ellen?
(a) Mrs. Carnegie's house
(b) Mrs. Beaufort's house
(c) Mrs. Welland's house
(d) Mrs. van der Luyden's house

6. Which of the following is not a name of Newland and May's children?
(a) Dallas
(b) Bill
(c) Sara
(d) Mary

7. What does Newland's frustration cause him to do?
(a) Begins to cry uncontrollably
(b) Slaps Ellen across the cheek
(c) Stops the carriage and gets out in the snow
(d) Begs Ellen to change her mind

8. What do Newland and Ellen agree to do?
(a) Reveal their deception to May
(b) Meet the day after next for a romantic encounter
(c) Never see each other again
(d) Run away to France together

9. Who does Mr. Jackson insinuate has been supporting Ellen?
(a) Mr. Welland
(b) Mr. van der Luyden
(c) Julius Beaufort
(d) Newland

10. What does Newland not understand about Ellen's behavior?
(a) She is starting divorce proceedings again
(b) She is staying in New York despite the fact that Mrs. Mingott is better
(c) She is learning to speak Spanish
(d) She is wearing extremely provocative clothing

11. What does Mrs. Mingott tell her visitor?
(a) She will use her influence to keep the disgrace out of the press
(b) She will be happy to help in any way she can
(c) She really does not have time to listen to her problems
(d) She married Mr. Beaufort and she must stick with him through his disgrace

12. What does Newland tell the Wellands he plans to do?
(a) Drive out to look at a horse for sale
(b) Read a book
(c) Take tennis lessons
(d) Play croquet

13. Where will Ellen's train arrive?
(a) Jersey City
(b) Princeton
(c) Brooklyn
(d) Newark

14. What does Ellen tell Newland about their relationship?
(a) She wants to make her husband jealous
(b) She will not have an affair with him and hurt May
(c) She wants him no matter who gets hurt
(d) She is considering having an affair with him

15. Who is staying with Mrs. Mingott in Newport?
(a) Janey Archer
(b) The Wellands
(c) Elaine Astor
(d) Ellen Olenska

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Newland and May do at the beginning of Chapter 24?

2. What is the topic of conversation at dinner?

3. Why does Ellen not pursue a relationship with Newland?

4. What is the source of Mrs. Mingott's illness?

5. With whom does Newland take a trip to Europe?

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