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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Newland tell the Wellands he plans to do?
(a) Drive out to look at a horse for sale
(b) Take tennis lessons
(c) Play croquet
(d) Read a book

2. Who does Mr. Jackson insinuate has been supporting Ellen?
(a) Mr. van der Luyden
(b) Mr. Welland
(c) Julius Beaufort
(d) Newland

3. What is Ellen instructed to do?
(a) Obtain theater tickets
(b) Buy some new evening gowns
(c) Return to New York within 24 hours
(d) Meet with her minister

4. What surprising news does May have for Newland?
(a) She has already filed for divorce
(b) She is pregnant
(c) She is leaving him
(d) She wants to redecorate the house

5. To what do people point to as the reason for Ellen's improper behavior?
(a) Not having her own personal fortune
(b) Not having gone to finishing school
(c) Having lived in Europe for so long
(d) Having grown up an orphan

6. What does Newland discover during the honeymoon?
(a) He is disappointed in May
(b) He is madly in love with his new wife
(c) He has to get used to being married
(d) He wants the marriage annulled

7. Where do Newland and May go on their honeymoon trip?
(a) Europe
(b) Hawaii
(c) Mexico
(d) Fiji

8. Where do Newland and May spend the summer following their wedding?
(a) Newport
(b) Boca Raton
(c) The Keys
(d) Maine

9. What does Newland find when he reaches the house where Ellen is staying?
(a) She is in bed with a migraine
(b) She has gone to Boston on a business matter
(c) She will not see him
(d) She is at the beach for the afternoon

10. What does Newland tell May after the party?
(a) He needs a break and needs to go far away
(b) He is madly in love with her
(c) The party was a great success
(d) He wants to start a family

11. What does Newland begin to tell May when they return home?
(a) That she looks lovely in her new dress
(b) That he loves Ellen
(c) That he needs to find a new doctor
(d) That they need to host a dinner for the Beauforts

12. With whom does Newland take a trip to Europe?
(a) Mr. van der Luyden
(b) Dallas
(c) Janey
(d) Mrs. Archer

13. What does Newland do after breakfast?
(a) Orders some new suits
(b) Buys a gift for May
(c) Sends a note to Ellen at her hotel
(d) Does some sightseeing

14. Where will Ellen's train arrive?
(a) Jersey City
(b) Princeton
(c) Brooklyn
(d) Newark

15. In what city is the event of #92?
(a) Paris
(b) Prague
(c) Berlin
(d) London

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen's family now consider her?

2. What does Ellen tell Newland about their relationship?

3. What was Newland's first vacation destination choice?

4. What does Ellen tell Newland?

5. What does Newland tell May to get her to leave with him during the opera?

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