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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Newland send to Ellen?
(a) Pink roses
(b) Earrings
(c) A note
(d) Theater tickets

2. What type of flowers does Newland send Ellen?
(a) Purple hyacinths
(b) Pink carnations
(c) Blue hydrangeas
(d) Yellow roses

3. What type of people live in the area where Ellen lives?
(a) Writers and artists
(b) Black people
(c) Wealthy people
(d) Hispanic people

4. Where does Newland spend the weekend?
(a) The Reggies' estate
(b) The Welland vacation home
(c) Skuytercliff
(d) The Beauforts' estate

5. What is the popular rumor already in existence about Ellen?
(a) She had an illegitimate child
(b) She ran off with her husband's secretary
(c) She used to work in burlesque
(d) She had a sexually transmitted disease

6. What does Newland consider his marriage to May to be?
(a) The perfect arrangement
(b) A life of passion
(c) A marriage of convenience
(d) A match made in heaven

7. What does Ellen do when Newland asks her to stop the divorce petition?
(a) She says she will hire a different attorney
(b) She storms out of the room
(c) She asks Newland to leave
(d) She abruptly agrees with him

8. Where does Newland go the next evening?
(a) The opera
(b) Ellen Olenska's house
(c) His gentleman's club
(d) The Oak Room

9. Why does Mrs. Mingott not leave her house?
(a) She is too obese
(b) She is blind
(c) She is a hermit
(d) She is paralyzed

10. What does Ellen tell Newland before leaving?
(a) That she thinks he is very handsome
(b) That she expects he will call on her the next evening
(c) That she is sorry that they had not met many years ago
(d) That she enjoyed his company at dinner

11. Who had sent the object in #79?
(a) Count Oleska
(b) Julius Beaufort
(c) Mr. van der Luyden
(d) Newland Archer

12. Ellen's aunt tells her that someone has sent her ______________________.
(a) theater tickets
(b) a bouquet
(c) a necklace
(d) a new hat

13. Who hosts Newland and May at their accommodations?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. van der Luyden
(b) Count and Countess Olenska
(c) Julius and Regina Beaufort
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Welland

14. What does Newland search for the next morning but cannot find?
(a) Red roses
(b) Yellow roses
(c) Pink roses
(d) White roses

15. What is the law firm's position on the divorce?
(a) They will not make any money on it
(b) They have a conflict of interest
(c) The request should be cancelled
(d) It is a presitigious case

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Newland pressure May to do?

2. How does May react to Newland's request?

3. What is Skuytercliff?

4. Who has been asked to handle the divorce case?

5. Where do the Wellands go on their annual vacation?

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