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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What social impropriety does Ellen commit at the dinner party?
(a) She drinks from the finger bowl
(b) She approaches Newland to talk to him instead of being approached by him
(c) She doesn't know which fork to use for her salad
(d) She chews with her mouth open

2. What type of people live in the area where Ellen lives?
(a) Hispanic people
(b) Writers and artists
(c) Wealthy people
(d) Black people

3. What is the popular rumor already in existence about Ellen?
(a) She had a sexually transmitted disease
(b) She ran off with her husband's secretary
(c) She used to work in burlesque
(d) She had an illegitimate child

4. What does Newland tell Ellen about May?
(a) She is inviting Ellen to the wedding
(b) That May thinks Newland is in love with someone else
(c) She is having her wedding dress custom designed
(d) She is still in Florida

5. Who has been asked to handle the divorce case?
(a) Julius Beaufort
(b) Newland Archer
(c) Mr. van der Luyden
(d) Mr. Welland

6. Why do the Wellands choose the location for their vacation?
(a) They keep horses there
(b) The air is beneficial for Mr. Welland's health
(c) They have an estate there
(d) They have a vineyard there

7. For what reason does Newland approve of the divorce?
(a) Ellen's husband has an illegitimate child
(b) Ellen's husband treated her poorly
(c) Ellen's husband had an affair
(d) Ellen's husband is a gay man

8. Ellen sends Newland a letter asking him _________________________________.
(a) to start the divorce proceedings
(b) to stop sending the flowers
(c) to give her some advice on investments
(d) to visit her the following night

9. What angers Newland when he arrives at the answer to #43?
(a) He has come on the wrong day
(b) He sees Julius Beaufort
(c) He has mud on his shoes
(d) He has forgotten his calling cards

10. What does Ellen tell Newland?
(a) She thinks he should not marry May
(b) She knows he is sending her the flowers
(c) She is reconciling with her husband
(d) She is in love with him

11. What is Newland's objection to handling the divorce?
(a) His case load is too heavy
(b) He does not handle divorce cases
(c) He is practically family
(d) He has a conflict of interest

12. What is the opera being produced as the story begins?
(a) Madame Butterfly
(b) Faust
(c) Aida
(d) Oberto

13. What does Newland consider his job to be regarding May?
(a) To provide the biggest house he can
(b) Make sure she cultivates her own opinions and expresses them
(c) To expose her to more of the arts
(d) To buy her a new wardrobe each season

14. What does Ellen say she will gain through the divorce?
(a) Her freedom
(b) An art collection
(c) An estate
(d) Her jewels

15. What do Newland and May do at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) Plan their honeymoon
(b) Take dancing lessons
(c) Go to the theater
(d) Take a walk in the park

Short Answer Questions

1. Which controversial Mingott family member arrives at the opera?

2. What question does Ellen ask of Newland?

3. What does Newland ask Ellen?

4. On what issue does Newland press May?

5. Where do the Wellands go on their annual vacation?

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