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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Ellen when Newland finds her at the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) Playing the piano
(b) Walking in the snow
(c) Reading a book
(d) Sitting in front of a fire

2. Where does Newland go at the beginning of Chapter 12?
(a) The opera
(b) Ellen's house
(c) His club
(d) The theater

3. Why do the Wellands choose the location for their vacation?
(a) They have a vineyard there
(b) They have an estate there
(c) They keep horses there
(d) The air is beneficial for Mr. Welland's health

4. Why does Mrs. Mingott not leave her house?
(a) She is blind
(b) She is paralyzed
(c) She is too obese
(d) She is a hermit

5. Where does Newland go the next evening?
(a) The Oak Room
(b) The opera
(c) Ellen Olenska's house
(d) His gentleman's club

6. What does the telegram say?
(a) The Wellands want May to break her engagement to Newland
(b) The Wellands have invited Ellen to visit them in Florida
(c) The Wellands are returning from their vacation earlier than expected
(d) The Wellands have agreed to let May marry Newland soon

7. Who dines at the Archer household the night after the ball?
(a) Julius and Regina Beaufort
(b) Countess Olenska
(c) Mr. Stillerton Jackson
(d) Mr. and Mrs. van der Luyden

8. What is the opera being produced as the story begins?
(a) Aida
(b) Oberto
(c) Madame Butterfly
(d) Faust

9. In what decade does this story begin?
(a) 1790s
(b) 1850s
(c) 1870s
(d) 1820s

10. What is the event of the season?
(a) The van der Luyden's ball
(b) Elaine Astor's wedding
(c) The Beaufort's ball
(d) Newland and May's wedding

11. Who accompanies Newland and May on their betrothal visits?
(a) Mrs. Welland
(b) Mrs. Archer
(c) Countess Olenska
(d) Countess Olenska

12. What frustrates Newland about May?
(a) She always relies on the opinions of her parents or him
(b) She wants a bigger engagement ring
(c) She bites her nails
(d) She has a grating laugh

13. Ellen's aunt tells her that someone has sent her ______________________.
(a) a bouquet
(b) theater tickets
(c) a new hat
(d) a necklace

14. Who is the main character who arrives late at the opera?
(a) Henry van der Luyden
(b) Newland Archer
(c) Janey Archer
(d) Mrs. Manson Mingott

15. Of what action of Ellen's does Newland approve?
(a) Buying a new wardrobe
(b) Purchasing a home
(c) Using her inheritance
(d) Getting a divorce

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is a guest at Skuytercliff?

2. Where does Newland spend the weekend?

3. Where do Newland and May spend the first few days of their marriage?

4. What is the general consensus about Countess Olenska?

5. With whom did Newland have an affair at one time?

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