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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Newland convince Ellen to do?
(a) Spend the day with him
(b) Return to her husband
(c) Proceed with the divorce
(d) Say she will marry him someday

2. What do Newland and May do at the beginning of Chapter 24?
(a) Have lunch
(b) Go to a matinee
(c) Go to a museum
(d) Walk in the park

3. What does Mrs. Mingott ask of Newland?
(a) Take over her financial portfolio
(b) Draft a new will for her
(c) Convince the family that Ellen should stay in New York
(d) Host a dinner party for a visiting relative

4. What frustrates Newland about May?
(a) She has a grating laugh
(b) She wants a bigger engagement ring
(c) She always relies on the opinions of her parents or him
(d) She bites her nails

5. What was Newland's first vacation destination choice?
(a) The Bahamas
(b) Newport
(c) Maine
(d) Boco Raton

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen tell Newland about their relationship?

2. What does May tell Newland when he mentions Ellen?

3. Why does Ellen not pursue a relationship with Newland?

4. Who accompanies Newland and May on their betrothal visits?

5. What does Ellen ask of Newland?

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