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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Newland told when he arrives at Ellen's house?
(a) She has another visitor
(b) She is ill
(c) She went to the theater
(d) She is out and will return soon

2. What does Newland do when he sees that Ellen already has a visitor?
(a) Joins them for tea
(b) Leaves them alone
(c) Invites them to dinner
(d) Gives them a ride in his carriage

3. What does the answer to #73 ask Newland?
(a) Where he and May will live
(b) What are his career goals
(c) Where he proposed to May
(d) Why he did not marry Ellen

4. What is May's position on the length of their engagement?
(a) She is ready to elope at any time
(b) She would also prefer a shorter engagement
(c) A long engagement is expected in their social class
(d) She is ready to call off the engagement

5. What does Newland send to Ellen?
(a) A note
(b) Pink roses
(c) Theater tickets
(d) Earrings

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wants the divorce case to be dropped?

2. Where does Newland go at the beginning of Chapter 12?

3. What is the law firm's position on the divorce?

4. What does Newland ask Ellen?

5. What question does Ellen ask of Newland?

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