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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Newland and May visit first on their betrothal visits?
(a) Mrs. Welland
(b) Mrs. Mingott
(c) Countess Olenska
(d) Mrs. Archer

2. Who do the van der Luydens agree to include in an upcoming dinner party?
(a) The Beauforts
(b) Countess Olenska
(c) The Astors
(d) Newland and May

3. What does Newland consider his marriage to May to be?
(a) The perfect arrangement
(b) A marriage of convenience
(c) A match made in heaven
(d) A life of passion

4. What type of flowers does Newland send to Ellen that night?
(a) Tulips
(b) Carnations
(c) Lilies of the Valley
(d) Roses

5. What does Newland think of his fiancee, May Welland?
(a) She is cunning and manipulative
(b) She is dull
(c) She is beautiful and innocent
(d) She is brilliant

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Mingott not leave her house?

2. Who accompanies Newland and May on their betrothal visits?

3. What is the opera being produced as the story begins?

4. Who is the main character who arrives late at the opera?

5. What type of people live in the area where Ellen lives?

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