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Opera - Archer goes here on the night of his engagement and meets Ellen.

Club Box - The section of seats at the opera is reserved for wealthy members of society.

Lilies-of-the-Valley - During their courtship, Archer sends May a bouquet of lilies-of-the-valley every day.

Yellow Roses - Archer twice sends yellow roses to Ellen after leaving her house.

Letterblair, Lamson, and Low - Archer unenthusiastically practices law at this firm because it's considered the appropriate career for a gentleman.

Skuytercliff - This is the van der Luydens' country home on the Hudson River.

'The Shaughran' - This is a play about love that reminds Archer of his relationship with Ellen.

St. Augustine - This is the city in Florida where the Wellands vacation.

The Patroon's house - After the wedding, May and Archer spend their honeymoon here.

HOUSE OF LIGHT - A book of sonnets by...

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