The Age of Innocence Character Descriptions

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Janey Archer

This character and her mother grow ferns, do needlework, and seek out the latest gossip.

Mrs. Archer

This character follows social rules and manners to the letter and tries to protect her grown daughter from certain topics because she is unmarried.

Newland Archer

This is the main character of the novel who lives with his widowed mother and his unmarried sister.

Julius Beaufort

This character's importance in the social arena is strengthened by the fact that he and his wife have the only private ballroom in their community.

Regina Beaufort

This character marries her husband for the unconventional reason that he has recently become a millionaire.

Sillerton Jackson

This character is uniquely able to understand how all the pieces of history fit into the sprawling family trees of the upper class.

Lawrence Lefferts

This character often lectures on the virtues of marital fidelity, even though everyone...

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