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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator speak to the person that lives near her house?
(a) With respect.
(b) In a condescending manner.
(c) Softly.
(d) Loudly.

2. What does the narrator ask her housekeeper to do in the letter she writes?
(a) To send her daughters away.
(b) To leave the house for a week.
(c) To keep the children quiet the next morning.
(d) To send Bheki away.

3. What does Mr. Vercueil do after being beaten?
(a) He goes to the hospital.
(b) He sleeps.
(c) He leaves.
(d) He stops drinking.

4. Why did the housekeeper bring her son to the narrator's house?
(a) The school is closed.
(b) It is vacation time.
(c) It is after 5 p.m.
(d) The bus broke down.

5. What does the narrator ask her housekeeper to do after speaking with the police?
(a) To go home.
(b) To go rent a good movie.
(c) To send Bheki's friend home.
(d) To prepare cocoa for everyone.

6. In what time period is the "Age of Iron" set?
(a) Mid 1970's.
(b) Mid 1980's.
(c) Mid 1990's.
(d) Mid 1960's.

7. What does the narrator say to the housekeeper that one day will hurt everybody?
(a) Hate.
(b) Discomfort.
(c) Altruism.
(d) Love.

8. What is the man's reaction to the narrator's comment about giving money for nothing?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He calls her names.
(c) He slaps her.
(d) He nods his head.

9. What prevents the narrator from going shopping in Part One?
(a) Her can does not run.
(b) Her farorite soap opera has a marathon.
(c) The rain.
(d) Pain.

10. What does the narrator offer to do for Florence?
(a) Buy her a car.
(b) Drive her to the hospital.
(c) Pay for legal expenses.
(d) Bring her back home.

11. How long was the housekeeper absent?
(a) 5 months.
(b) 2 months.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 3 months.

12. What does the narrator spend the day doing according to page 15?
(a) Spends the day writing.
(b) Spends the day cleaning the house.
(c) Spends the day gardening.
(d) Spends the day in bed reading.

13. What does Mr. Vercueil seem to be sleeping off?
(a) The effects of his medication.
(b) A bad meal.
(c) The flu.
(d) The effects of liquor or drugs.

14. Where does Bheki sleep?
(a) The narrator's car.
(b) The guest bedroom.
(c) The pool house.
(d) The backyard shed.

15. What does the narrator write about?
(a) The Afghan war.
(b) The Berlin wall.
(c) Apartheid.
(d) The space race.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator find Mr. Vercueil when she wakes?

2. When does the narrator return to her house after her trip in town?

3. Who is the narrator addressing in this book?

4. What does the narrator say about the media?

5. Who does the narrator ask for help with her car problems?

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