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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the police doing as the narrator looks outside her window?
(a) Parking their car.
(b) Following Bheki on his bike.
(c) Drawing their guns.
(d) Arresting a black woman.

2. What does the man buy with the money he takes from the narrator?
(a) A camera and some film.
(b) A pillow and a comic book.
(c) Liquor and a mattress.
(d) The newspaper and a laptop.

3. What does access to money allow Mr. Vercueil to do?
(a) Study.
(b) Drink.
(c) Pay for his gambling habit.
(d) Pay his debts.

4. What do the narrator and her housekeeper do after talking with Mr. Vercueil in the kitchen?
(a) Take the woman and bring her to the police.
(b) Pack his suitcase and throw it out the window.
(c) Take the woman and push her out the house.
(d) Push the woman in the pool.

5. What does the narrator think of doing with her cats after her death?
(a) Have them put down.
(b) Give them to her sister.
(c) Give them to the homeless man.
(d) Give them to a hospital.

6. What does the narrator tell the person that lives near her house?
(a) Not to urinate in the yard.
(b) To leave the following morning.
(c) Not to light any fires.
(d) To come inside to sleep.

7. What did the narrator find most troubling after her house was burglarized?
(a) Stealing her piano.
(b) The burglars where white.
(c) The graffiti left on her sofa.
(d) The vandalism.

8. How does the narrator speak to the person that lives near her house?
(a) In a condescending manner.
(b) Softly.
(c) Loudly.
(d) With respect.

9. What is the name of the housekeeper's son?
(a) John.
(b) Harry.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Bheki.

10. What does the narrator spend the day doing according to page 15?
(a) Spends the day cleaning the house.
(b) Spends the day writing.
(c) Spends the day gardening.
(d) Spends the day in bed reading.

11. Why does the narrator think the person that lives near her house will return?
(a) He left his belongings.
(b) He dug himself a hole.
(c) He left his dog.
(d) He forgot his car.

12. Where is the man that the narrator brings on her trip to town from?
(a) Johannesburg.
(b) The Cape.
(c) Kroncity.
(d) South Central.

13. What instrument does the narrator play?
(a) The trombone.
(b) The guitar.
(c) The violin.
(d) Piano.

14. What happens to the narrator's car in Page 16?
(a) The engine backfires.
(b) It refuses to start.
(c) The engine starts on fire.
(d) It gets a flat tire.

15. How does the narrator sign the letter she writes to her housekeeper?
(a) A.H.
(b) J.K.
(c) E.C.
(d) P.N.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prevents the narrator from going shopping in Part One?

2. Why isn't Bheki in school?

3. What does the narrator feel about the person she is addressing in this book?

4. What does the narrator give to the person that lives near her house the first evening?

5. When does the person the narrator met at the start of Part One return?

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