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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Bheki in school?
(a) Because he is a genius that don't need to study.
(b) Because he wants to join the army.
(c) Because he thinks he can have a college scholarship because of basketball.
(d) Because he thinks the school was created to make him fit in the apartheid system.

2. When was the narrator's house burglarized?
(a) Three years before the events of the book.
(b) Four years before the events of the book.
(c) Five years before the events of the book.
(d) Twelve years before the events of the book.

3. What do new contacts allow the narrator to experience?
(a) The reality of life in an Empire.
(b) The reality of South African inequalities.
(c) The reality of the Berlin wall.
(d) The reality of the Vichy regime.

4. What does the narrator give the man following his reaction to her comment regarding giving money for nothing?
(a) Her purse.
(b) He credit card.
(c) Her wallet.
(d) Her jewelry.

5. What did the narrator find most troubling after her house was burglarized?
(a) Stealing her piano.
(b) The graffiti left on her sofa.
(c) The vandalism.
(d) The burglars where white.

6. What do the narrator and her housekeeper do after talking with Mr. Vercueil in the kitchen?
(a) Push the woman in the pool.
(b) Take the woman and push her out the house.
(c) Pack his suitcase and throw it out the window.
(d) Take the woman and bring her to the police.

7. Where does the narrator find Mr. Vercueil when she wakes?
(a) On the guest bed.
(b) On the front porch.
(c) On the kitchen floor.
(d) On the couch.

8. What happens to the narrator's car in Page 16?
(a) The engine backfires.
(b) It gets a flat tire.
(c) The engine starts on fire.
(d) It refuses to start.

9. Who does the narrator want to bring with Florence and her?
(a) Florence's daughters.
(b) Mr. Vercueil.
(c) The dog.
(d) Her lawyer.

10. What does one of Bheki's friends bring to the narrator's home?
(a) A video cassette.
(b) A gun.
(c) A political pamphlet.
(d) A bicycle.

11. What disease is the narrator diagnosed with?
(a) Lupus.
(b) Terminal cancer.
(c) A heart condition.
(d) Alzheimer's.

12. What does the narrator say to the person she finds?
(a) That she will house him for work.
(b) That she will call the police.
(c) That he cannot stay.
(d) That she will find him work.

13. What does the narrator ask her male employee to do over tea and biscuits?
(a) To cook for her.
(b) To mail papers to her daughter after she dies.
(c) To marry her.
(d) To be her driver.

14. What is Mr. Vercueil doing in the back yard that the housekeeper's daughters watch?
(a) Work on the lawn mower.
(b) Dig a hole.
(c) Ride a bicycle.
(d) Clean the pool.

15. Where is the person the narrator finds at the start of Part One?
(a) Near her neighbor's house
(b) Near her pool.
(c) Near the grocery store.
(d) Near her garage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the narrator addressing in this book?

2. Where does the housekeeper's husband work?

3. How does the housekeeper feel about the beating of Mr. Vercueil?

4. When does the narrator return to her house after her trip in town?

5. How does the narrator describe Mr Vercueil's usual temperament?

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