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Part One, p. 3-15

• In "Part One", p. 3-15, the narrator writes a letter to her daughter.

• The narrator has cancer and is dying.
• The narrator finds a homeless man near her garage and tell him he cannot stay.

• The narrator offers some food to the homeless man.
• The narrator is condescending to the homeless man and he refuses her coffee.

• The homeless man leaves, but the narrator thinks he will be back as he left his property behind.

• The homeless man returns with a dog.
• The narrator's pain is great and the homeless man helps her.

• The narrator's husband is dead and her daughter went to the U.S. in 1976.

• The narrator's daughter has married and has children.

• The homeless man has an injured hand.

Part One, p. 15-33

• In "Part One, p. 15-33", the narrator asks the homeless man to fix her car and then brings...

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