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Janet Taylor Lisle
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hillary's last name?
(a) Lennor.
(b) Luxxon.
(c) Lexor.
(d) Lenox.

2. What is taken of the bike wheel that makes the ferris wheel?
(a) The pedal.
(b) The tread.
(c) The tire.
(d) The spokes.

3. What rumor is spread about Sara-Kate's lunches at school?
(a) She is an old woman in a girl's body.
(b) She has food allergies.
(c) She is too poor for regular food.
(d) She is sick.

4. Why are Sara-Kate's clothes made fun of at school?
(a) They are dirty.
(b) They never match.
(c) They are always wrinkled.
(d) They don't fit right.

5. What do the girls help the elves build?
(a) A bridge.
(b) Some art.
(c) Roads.
(d) A library.

6. Why do Hillary's parents not listen to her about the elves?
(a) They don't like the neighbors.
(b) They don't believe in magic.
(c) They are tired.
(d) They are busy.

7. What does Sara-Kate do when she sees Mr. Lenox talking to something strange?
(a) Talks back.
(b) Writes it down.
(c) Laughs.
(d) Smiles.

8. Where is the elf village?
(a) The empty lot.
(b) Hillary's bedroom.
(c) Sara's back yard.
(d) A weed bramble.

9. What does Sara-Kate show Hillary to avoid in her yard?
(a) The broken glass.
(b) The sticky tar.
(c) The poison ivy.
(d) The ant hills.

10. Why does Sara-Kate have to go to the drugstore?
(a) To ge a prescription for her mother.
(b) To get some bandages.
(c) To send a letter.
(d) To buy some stamps.

11. What does Hillary hear in her mind as she creeps over to Sara-Kate's backyard the second time?
(a) Elf music.
(b) Her friends' voices.
(c) Her mother's warning.
(d) Sara-Kate's tantrum.

12. Where is Sara-Kate when Hillary comes to see the ferris wheel?
(a) In the backyard.
(b) In her room.
(c) On the fence.
(d) Under the tree.

13. How does Sara-Kate greet Hillary when she comes to see the ferris wheel?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is shy.
(c) She is ambivalent.
(d) She is friendly.

14. Why does Sara-Kate say she is sure the ferris wheel is magic?
(a) It appeared one day.
(b) She can't figure out how it is powered.
(c) There is nothing else left of the bike.
(d) It sings to her.

15. The seats of the ferris wheel are made with _______________.
(a) Yarn.
(b) Rubber bands.
(c) Wood planks.
(d) Popsicle sticks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Sara-Kate get mad at Hillary?

2. Why do the girls help the elves build something?

3. What does Hillary call the elves that insults them?

4. Why is Hillary so surprised by the way Sara-Kate acts when she comes to see the ferris wheel?

5. What are elf houses built out of?

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