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Janet Taylor Lisle
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sara-Kate greet Hillary when she comes to see the ferris wheel?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is shy.
(c) She is friendly.
(d) She is ambivalent.

2. Why does Sara-Kate say the elves won't show themselves to Hillary?
(a) They have been hurt by humans in the past.
(b) It is too light.
(c) It is too soon.
(d) They don't believe in them.

3. What makes Sara-Kate get mad at Hillary?
(a) She pretends not to see her.
(b) She doesn't stop Jane from teasing her.
(c) She says her mother doesn't want her to play.
(d) She refuses to help with homework.

4. Why does Sara-Kate not wear extra clothes when it gets cold?
(a) She likes feeling cold.
(b) She has thick skin.
(c) She doesn't have more clothes.
(d) All of these.

5. How does Jane treat Sara-Kate?
(a) She is cruel.
(b) She is kind.
(c) She ignores her.
(d) She is condescending.

6. In Hillary's mind, what is the tin pan with water?
(a) A swimming pool.
(b) A starlight catcher.
(c) A power house.
(d) A trap.

7. Why does Hillary creep over to Sara-Kate's backyard the second time?
(a) She wants to see the elves.
(b) Sara-Kate enters the village from there.
(c) Sara-Kate is mad at her.
(d) She doesn't want her mother to see her.

8. What does Sara-Kate say the elf language sounds like?
(a) Nature sounds.
(b) Foot steps.
(c) Telepathic vibes.
(d) Blowing wind.

9. What does Hillary say Sara-Kate looks like when she gets mad?
(a) A cartoon.
(b) A crazy person.
(c) A hedgehog.
(d) A witch.

10. What subject makes Sara-Kate lash out in anger?
(a) Her health.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her house.

11. What nick-name does Jane give Sara-Kate at school?
(a) Weirdo.
(b) Uggo.
(c) Fairy.
(d) Elf.

12. What time of day does Hillary first see the elf village?
(a) Morning.
(b) Late night.
(c) Afternoon.
(d) Evening.

13. Who shows Hillary the elf village?
(a) Hillary's father.
(b) Sara-Kate.
(c) Mary-Alice.
(d) Nobody.

14. What is taken of the bike wheel that makes the ferris wheel?
(a) The tread.
(b) The tire.
(c) The pedal.
(d) The spokes.

15. Mr. Lenox like to talk to __________.
(a) His rocks.
(b) His plants.
(c) His dog.
(d) His artwork.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sara-Kate have to pay the phone bill instead of her mother?

2. Who/what does Hillary think made the elf village?

3. How does Jane think Sara-Kate got Hillary to be her friend?

4. What does Hillary say the ferris wheel looks like when it spins?

5. Why is Hillary so surprised by the way Sara-Kate acts when she comes to see the ferris wheel?

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