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Janet Taylor Lisle
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13, 14, and 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do people treat Hillary after Sara-Kate leaves?
(a) They are nervous around her.
(b) They tease her.
(c) They are kind to her.
(d) They avoid her.

2. What does Hillary see Sara-Kate stealing from her father's garden?
(a) Berries.
(b) All of these.
(c) Vegetables.
(d) Flowers.

3. How does Hillary respond to all the rumors about Sara-Kate after she leaves?
(a) She spreads some of her own.
(b) She doesn't believe them.
(c) She ignores them.
(d) She is hurt by them.

4. Why doesn't Sara-Kate think she can be like Hillary?
(a) The elves won't let her.
(b) She is not smart enough.
(c) She is not like her.
(d) She has no real guidance.

5. Where does the newspaper say Sara-Kate went?
(a) An orphanage.
(b) An asylum.
(c) A relative's house
(d) A hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Hillary blame for the strange scene she sees upstairs in Sara-Kate's house?

2. What does Hillary do that worries Jane?

3. How does Sara-Kate describe Hillary's world?

4. Where does Hillary move the elf village?

5. What is the weather like when Hillary learns her father saw Sara-Kate?

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