Afternoon of the Elves Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

Janet Taylor Lisle
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hillary want to do when she first hears the sound from upstairs in Sara-Kate's house?
(a) Calls the police.
(b) Checks it out.
(c) Runs away.
(d) Gets her father.

2. Where is Sara-Kate when Hillary comes to see the ferris wheel?
(a) Under the tree.
(b) In the backyard.
(c) In her room.
(d) On the fence.

3. What did Mr. Lenox see Sara-Kate doing?
(a) Crying on the doorstep.
(b) Working in her back yard.
(c) Shopping.
(d) Running home.

4. What does Mr. Lenox plan to build for his plants?
(a) Fences.
(b) Some arches.
(c) Boxes.
(d) A trellis.

5. What did Sara-Kate say elves never did unless they got too cold?
(a) Ate food.
(b) Slept.
(c) Wore coats.
(d) Went inside.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows Hillary the elf village?

2. Who makes it clear to Hillary that Sara-Kate is still around?

3. Where did Hillary learn to make maps?

4. What makes Sara-Kate end her friendship with Hillary?

5. Whom does Hillary blame for the strange scene she sees upstairs in Sara-Kate's house?

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