Objects & Places from Afternoon of the Elves

Janet Taylor Lisle
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The Elf Village

Sara-Kate creates this from junk and weeds and invites Hillary to help improve it and care for it.

The Ferris Wheel

This is made with bicycle wheels for the structure and popsicle sticks for the seats.

Sara-Kate's Backyard

This is neglected and full of weeds and old junk, but it becomes the perfect playground of the imagination for Sara-Kate and Hillary.

Hillary's Backyard

This is impeccably preened by Mr. Lenox and reflects Hillary's own ordered, restricted life.

Sara-Kate's House

This is a neglected mess of overturned furniture and junk because Sara-Kate re-purposed furniture to suit her own needs.

Cream of Wheat cereal

Sara-Kate brings this to school for lunch. The kids make fun of her.


Hillary catches Sara-Kate eating this like a little elf.


Hillary steals money from her mother to pay for groceries, and she doesn't have enough money for this.

Rocking Chair

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