Afternoon of the Elves Fun Activities

Janet Taylor Lisle
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Chapter Titles

Have the students create titles and illustrations for each of the chapters in this book.

Elf Village Collection

Have each student bring a hand made addition to an elf village for the class to create together. Hold a discussion about why the girls would have enjoyed this so much.

Movie Time

Show some or all of the film version of this book in class. You could include candy boxes and popcorn for effect. Discuss with the class which parts fit their idea of the narrative while reading it.

Elvish Translation Guide

Sara-Kate says that elvish language sound like nature sounds. Have the students create a translation guide of some of the nature sounds they hear often, and what these sounds might mean in the elvish tongue.

Character Collages

Have the students create a collage of their favorite character. Allow each student to present their collage. Discuss...

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