Afternoon of the Elves Character Descriptions

Janet Taylor Lisle
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Hillary Lenox - This character is sweet, good natured, intellectually curious, and young enough to still believe in magic.

Sara-Kate Connolly - This character is regarded as a weirdo because she eats strange things at lunch like Cream of Wheat cereal.

Mrs. Connolly - This character is confined to home because she suffers from both physical and mental illness.

Mr. Lenox - This character is always absentmindedly puttering around his prized garden.

Mrs. Lenox - This character thinks her daughter should not be spending time with the strange girl.

Jane - This character mocks the strange girl for her eccentricities.

Alison - This character is a mean classmate who urges other kids to not be friends with the strange girl.

Customer Service Representative - This character receives a check to restore phone service.

Grocery Store Clerk - This character is fooled by a young girl who steals...

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