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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16 through 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Neeka's second brother's name?`
(a) Johnson.
(b) Vernon.
(c) Henry.
(d) Tash.

2. Why do Neeka and the narrator quit what they are doing?
(a) Neeka has to change her baby brother's diaper.
(b) Neeka's mother calls her home.
(c) The ice cream truck pulls up.
(d) The kids won't listen to them.

3. In Chapter 1, to where does the narrator flashback?
(a) To the summer of 1994.
(b) To the summer of 1995.
(c) To the winter of 1994.
(d) To the spring of 1993.

4. What does the narrator endure in order to get to where they are going?
(a) Hearing Miss Irene talk on and on.
(b) A poor breakfast and long train and bus rides.
(c) Rejection from the college.
(d) The pitying glaces of white people.

5. In what condition is Jayjones when he arrives?
(a) Anxious and out of breath.
(b) Angry.
(c) Dejected.
(d) Excited.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who took D Foster away before Tupac was shot a second time?

2. Why does D obey her foster mother?

3. What is the news about Tash?

4. How does Tash's recklessness get him in trouble?

5. What does the narrator think Mama is thinking of when Mama looks sadly out the window?

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