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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lewis and Rachel go look for on the Saturday they fill their back packs with food?

2. What does Uncle Lenny tell Rachel that surprises her?

3. What is the weather like when Izzy and Rachel walk for the first time after his second fall?

4. What does Rachel do when she returns to school the Wednesday after Izzy is hospitalized?

5. What does Rachel do when Izzy falls, for a second time, according to her journal entries?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rachel react to her Grandfather's groans as she waits outside his hospital room in Chapter 34?

2. Is Rachel responsible, as of Chapter 31?

3. Describe Lewis Olswanger.

4. Are Rachel's reactions to situations in Chapter 34 appropriate?

5. Who is Rachel closest to in After the Rain?

6. Explain Izzy's instructions regarding his death.

7. How does Izzy's death impact his family as a whole?

8. Are Rachel and Jeremy close?

9. How does Rachel celebrate Helena's birthday?

10. Is Rachel's life back to normal after Izzy's death once she returns to school.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rachel and Izzy have striking similarities in their personalities and the way they deal with people.

1) Of Rachel and Izzy, who is more mature for their age?

2) Compare and contrast this granddaughter and grandfather.

3) Of Rachel and Izzy, whose way of dealing with the world is most effective?

Essay Topic 2

The role of a caregiver can be overwhelming, yet rewarding. Select 3 characters in After the Rain who filled a caregiver role and explain how the story would have been altered if each person was not included in it. Explain how each person did or did not gain from their role as caregiver.

Essay Topic 3

Select one of these options to write about:

1) Explain why you think visual imagery, symbolism, or irony is the most important literary technique in the novel.

2) Analyze animal metaphors in the story.

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