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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Rachel and Lewis when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) In the hospital cafeteria.
(b) In Poppie's Diner.
(c) On the phone.
(d) At Rachel's kitchen table.

2. Who is at Izzy's apartment when he and Rachel return from their first walk after his second fall?
(a) Jeremy and Lenny.
(b) Alice Farnum.
(c) Helena, Mikey, and Lewis.
(d) Manny and Shirley.

3. What do Manny and Shirley do when they come by after work?
(a) Clean things that aren't messy.
(b) Bring gifts from the gift shop.
(c) Laugh at things that aren't funny.
(d) Bring mail from Izzy's house.

4. What does the hospital technician give to Izzy in Chapter 35?
(a) An x-ray of his lungs.
(b) A card that was left for him at the front desk.
(c) A portable oxygen machine.
(d) A balloon animal.

5. How does Izzy treat the person who visits him in Chapter 39?
(a) He is condescending.
(b) He is unresponsive.
(c) He is gruff and unfriendly.
(d) He tries to be sociable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rachel eat at the hospital cafeteria with her parents when Shirley complains about the food?

2. How does Rachel envision herself in Chapter 41 when she thinks about Izzy never having another glass of water?

3. When they speak in Chapter 37, what is the tone of the conversation that Rachel and Lewis have?

4. Who calls Rachel to find out how Izzy is doing on Saturday in Chapter 33?

5. Why does Rachel finally decide that she is so angry in Chapter 31?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Rachel closest to in After the Rain?

2. Are Rachel and Jeremy close?

3. Describe Uncle Lenny's phone call.

4. How does Rachel say her family is dealing with Izzy's illness in her journal entry in Chapter 31?

5. Why is Izzy furious with everyone in Chapter 38?

6. How does Shirley cope with her father's illness?

7. Explain Izzy's instructions regarding his death.

8. How does Rachel deal with her confusing feelings about her grandfather's illness and impending death in Chapter 37?

9. How does Rachel feel about MB?

10. How does Helena convince Izzy to let them have the party at his house?

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