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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the weather like when Izzy and Rachel walk for the first time after his second fall?
(a) Overcast, but not raining.
(b) Sunny and pleasant.
(c) Drizzly and wet.
(d) Foggy and muggy.

2. What did Izzy leave in his medicine cabinet that his family finds after his death?
(a) An appointment card for a different doctor.
(b) A note with instrutions about his death.
(c) A short letter to Rachel.
(d) A bag of black jellybeans.

3. What does Rachel tell Shirley she wants to do the Monday after Izzy is hospitalized?
(a) Interview Izzy with a cassette recorder.
(b) Bring Izzy to stay at the Cooper's house.
(c) Spend the nights with Izzy and catch the school bus near the hospital.
(d) Skip school to be with Izzy.

4. Why does Rachel finally decide that she is so angry in Chapter 31?
(a) She is angry that Izzy is too stubborn to go to the hospital.
(b) She is angry that Izzy is dying.
(c) She is angry that her mother treats her like a child.
(d) She is angry that Helena leads such a charmed life.

5. Where does the person who spends the night with Izzy on the Saturday he says he is afraid to sleep actually sleep?
(a) In an empty patient bed.
(b) In the big chair.
(c) On a cot.
(d) On a small pull out couch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rachel take Izzy when he starts to collapse on Baker Street during their Saturday walk?

2. What does Rachel say that her parents look like on the night that she stays at the hospital with Izzy?

3. What is the funny story that Phil tells about Izzy?

4. What do Izzy and Rachel share on the park bench in Chapter 33?

5. On the second day in Chapter 38, what does Izzy talk to Rachel about?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rachel feel about MB?

2. What does Izzy's handprint mean to Rachel?

3. Describe Uncle Lenny's phone call.

4. Describe Lewis Olswanger.

5. Is Rachel's life back to normal after Izzy's death once she returns to school.

6. Describe Izzy and Rachel's daily routine at the hospital in Chapter 36.

7. Why doesn't Rachel want to leave the hospital with her parents on Tuesday night in Chapter 40?

8. Why is Izzy furious with everyone in Chapter 38?

9. How does Helena convince Izzy to let them have the party at his house?

10. How does Jeremy feel about the letters Rachel sends?

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