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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rachel take Izzy when he starts to collapse on Baker Street during their Saturday walk?
(a) Into a nearby restaurant.
(b) To a shaded tree and lets him rest on the ground.
(c) Into a nearby hardware story.
(d) Into a nearby ice cream shop.

2. What does Rachel's family do when they go to the cemetery in Chapter 42?
(a) Sit and tell stories at Eva's grave.
(b) Sets flowers on his grave site.
(c) String a branch of flowers from Eva's grave to Izzy's.
(d) Scatters Izzy's ashes over Eva's grave.

3. Why does Rachel finally decide that she is so angry in Chapter 31?
(a) She is angry that Izzy is dying.
(b) She is angry that Helena leads such a charmed life.
(c) She is angry that her mother treats her like a child.
(d) She is angry that Izzy is too stubborn to go to the hospital.

4. What does Dr. North tell Shirley about Izzy's condition after his second fall?
(a) That Izzy will keep getting weaker.
(b) That Izzy needs an organ transplant.
(c) That Izzy must be hospitalized to get better.
(d) That Izzy should get his affairs in order.

5. What special request did Izzy have in regards to his funeral?
(a) He asked to be cremated.
(b) He asked to have Rachel read a passage.
(c) He specified that there should be no funeral.
(d) He wanted the funeral to be simple with no flowers or fuss.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Rachel jealous of MB?

2. What does Rachel find in Izzy's hospital room when she returns on the day following his first treatment?

3. What does Izzy insist that Shirley take home with her, even though she made it for him?

4. What does Jeremy ask Rachel to do in Chapter 43?

5. What does Rachel write a story about in Chapter 44?

Short Essay Questions

1. Are Rachel's reactions to situations in Chapter 34 appropriate?

2. Describe Uncle Lenny's phone call.

3. How does Shirley cope with her father's illness?

4. How does Jeremy feel about the letters Rachel sends?

5. Describe Izzy's death.

6. Why doesn't Rachel want to leave the hospital with her parents on Tuesday night in Chapter 40?

7. Does Dr. North respect Izzy?

8. How does Rachel say her family is dealing with Izzy's illness in her journal entry in Chapter 31?

9. How does Rachel react to her Grandfather's groans as she waits outside his hospital room in Chapter 34?

10. Describe Rachel's feelings about Izzy's death based on her phone call with Lewis in Chapter 37.

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