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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item gets broken in Chapter 13?
(a) A ceramic candle holder.
(b) A cut crystal vase.
(c) An Oriental lampshade.
(d) An English china sugar bowl.

2. What does Alice Farnum wear when she visits Izzy in Chapter 26?
(a) Oversized sunglasses.
(b) Black gloves.
(c) A turban.
(d) A muumuu.

3. What does Rachel describe happening in Chapter 2 at the kitchen table?
(a) Her mother drinks too much.
(b) Her parents have a violent argument.
(c) She explodes in anger at ther parents.
(d) Her father says he has lost his job.

4. What does Grandpa Izzy tell Rachel about when she calls him in Chapter 17?
(a) That his own father died from a fall.
(b) He used to get into a lot of fights when he was young.
(c) That he used to play stickball afterschool with his brother.
(d) That she reminds him of his dead wife.

5. Who does Izzy tell Rachel called to check on him after his fall?
(a) Mrs. Minor.
(b) Alice Farnum.
(c) Lewis.
(d) Dr. Roof.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 9, what does Rachel forget to tell her mother?

2. What does Grandpa Izzy do every day?

3. Where does Rachel work from 5 to 9?

4. What does Rachel say she is afraid of in Chapter 6?

5. Who accompanies Rachel to Poppie's Diner in Chapter 21?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rachel feel about playing paddleball with Helena's family?

2. How does Rachel feel about the possibility of Izzy coming to live at her house?

3. Describe Alice Farnum's appearance.

4. Describe the picture of Izzy and Eva that Izzy gives to Rachel.

5. What does the doctor say is wrong with Grandpa Izzy after his initial tests?

6. Based on his actions in Chapter 12, is Lewis a sympathetic person?

7. What does Rachel learn about Coach Al?

8. Describe Rachel's first kiss.

9. What is the mood like in the Cooper's house in Chapter 14?

10. Describe the dinner when Izzy cooks for Rachel.

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