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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Phil?
(a) Rachel's brother.
(b) Lewis's father.
(c) Izzy's brother.
(d) Alice Farnum's son.

2. What does Grandpa Izzy talk about in his sleep on the night that Rachel stays with him at the hospital?
(a) Building a bridge.
(b) Tickets and boats.
(c) Eva.
(d) A book he has read.

3. How is Izzy's mood the day after his treatment?
(a) Better, he is his crotchedy old self.
(b) Agitated and restless.
(c) He seems resigned and lacks energy.
(d) Subdued, as he sleeps most of the day.

4. Who is at Izzy's apartment when he and Rachel return from their first walk after his second fall?
(a) Jeremy and Lenny.
(b) Manny and Shirley.
(c) Helena, Mikey, and Lewis.
(d) Alice Farnum.

5. What does Rachel argue about with her parents in Chapter 40?
(a) They want her to go back to school.
(b) She wants to spend the night with Izzy.
(c) She thinks Shirley should spend more time at the hospital.
(d) They don't want her to see Lewis anymore.

6. On the second day in Chapter 38, what does Izzy talk to Rachel about?
(a) Nothing, he refuses to speak to anyone.
(b) His career as a stone mason.
(c) Shirley and Manny.
(d) His courtship with Eva and her relationship with Lewis.

7. Why doesn't Rachel tell her parents about Izzy's second fall right away?
(a) She is afraid they will hospitalize him.
(b) She gets distracted by Lewis.
(c) She is still mad at her mother.
(d) She knows they will worry.

8. What is the day like when Rachel walks up and down West Creek Street counting the bridges?
(a) Downpouring.
(b) Drizzly and dirty.
(c) Sun is starting to peek through the cloud cover.
(d) Hazy, but the rain has stopped.

9. How does Jeremy feel about Izzy?
(a) He's still sore at him.
(b) He is apathetic.
(c) He's feels sorry for a man who pushed people away.
(d) He is overwhlemed with sadness.

10. Who waits outside of Izzy's hotel room with Rachel in Chapter 34?
(a) Helena.
(b) Jeremy and Alice Farnum.
(c) Lewis.
(d) Manny and Shirley.

11. What does Rachel's family do when they go to the cemetery in Chapter 42?
(a) Sets flowers on his grave site.
(b) Sit and tell stories at Eva's grave.
(c) String a branch of flowers from Eva's grave to Izzy's.
(d) Scatters Izzy's ashes over Eva's grave.

12. What does Rachel ask Jeremy on their walk?
(a) Why he moved so far away.
(b) If she can come to visit him.
(c) If she should stop sending letters.
(d) Why he never answers her letters.

13. What does Izzy complain about in Chapter 38?
(a) He cant walk, breathe, or spit up whats in his chest.
(b) Shirley is hovering.
(c) The crying patient in the room next door.
(d) He can't go to the bathroom without help.

14. Where does Uncle Lenny call from?
(a) London.
(b) Scotland.
(c) His hospital bed.
(d) The airport.

15. How is Rachel's issue that she brings up to Shirley settled on the Monday after Izzy is hospitalized?
(a) Dr. North says its a bad idea and Rachel drops the subject.
(b) Shirley gives in and Rachel gets her way.
(c) Izzy collapses again and the topic is dropped.
(d) Manny gives in and Rachel gets her way.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Izzy demand, as the Coopers are leaving, in Chapter 38?

2. In Chapter 39, what is true about Izzy's lunch on Monday?

3. What happens when the Coopers go to leave Izzy's room in the last part of Chapter 38?

4. When they speak in Chapter 37, what is the tone of the conversation that Rachel and Lewis have?

5. What did Izzy leave in his medicine cabinet that his family finds after his death?

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