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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Izzy leave in his medicine cabinet that his family finds after his death?
(a) A short letter to Rachel.
(b) A bag of black jellybeans.
(c) An appointment card for a different doctor.
(d) A note with instrutions about his death.

2. Where does Rachel take Izzy when he starts to collapse on Baker Street during their Saturday walk?
(a) Into a nearby ice cream shop.
(b) To a shaded tree and lets him rest on the ground.
(c) Into a nearby hardware story.
(d) Into a nearby restaurant.

3. How is Izzy's mood the day after his treatment?
(a) Agitated and restless.
(b) Better, he is his crotchedy old self.
(c) He seems resigned and lacks energy.
(d) Subdued, as he sleeps most of the day.

4. What does Jeremy ask Rachel to do in Chapter 43?
(a) To keep her eyes open for a job.
(b) To meet his fiance.
(c) To come and visit him.
(d) To keep sending letters.

5. How does Izzy treat the person who visits him in Chapter 39?
(a) He tries to be sociable.
(b) He is unresponsive.
(c) He is condescending.
(d) He is gruff and unfriendly.

6. Where are Rachel and Lewis when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) In the hospital cafeteria.
(b) On the phone.
(c) At Rachel's kitchen table.
(d) In Poppie's Diner.

7. What is the weather like when Izzy and Rachel walk for the first time after his second fall?
(a) Sunny and pleasant.
(b) Overcast, but not raining.
(c) Foggy and muggy.
(d) Drizzly and wet.

8. What does Uncle Lenny tell Rachel that surprises her?
(a) That she looks like Eva.
(b) That she speaks a lot like Izzy.
(c) That Izzy sent him a card once a year.
(d) That he had spoken to Izzy recently.

9. On the second day in Chapter 38, what does Izzy talk to Rachel about?
(a) Shirley and Manny.
(b) Nothing, he refuses to speak to anyone.
(c) His career as a stone mason.
(d) His courtship with Eva and her relationship with Lewis.

10. Who spends the night with Izzy on the Saturday he says he is afraid to sleep?
(a) Jeremy.
(b) Manny.
(c) Rachel.
(d) Shirley.

11. When do Rachel and Jeremy go for a walk in Chapter 43?
(a) Late in the afternoon.
(b) First thing in the morning.
(c) At sunset.
(d) As it starts to sprinkle.

12. What does Rachel tell Lewis that it seems like her grandfather is doing when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) Evaporating.
(b) Waiting to die.
(c) Pushing her away.
(d) Trying to squeeze in a lifetime of conversations.

13. What makes Rachel jealous when at Izzy's apartment in Chapter 32?
(a) Lewis's attention to Helena.
(b) Izzy's attention to Alice.
(c) Jeremy's attention to Shirley.
(d) Izzy's attention to Helena.

14. What do Lewis and Rachel go look for on the Saturday they fill their back packs with food?
(a) The firetower.
(b) The bridge where Izzy proposed to Eva.
(c) Eva's handprint.
(d) Izzy's handprint.

15. What does Rachel ask Jeremy on their walk?
(a) If she can come to visit him.
(b) If she should stop sending letters.
(c) Why he moved so far away.
(d) Why he never answers her letters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to visit Izzy on Sunday in Chapter 39?

2. How does Rachel feel, after she cries for Izzy, in Chapter 43?

3. What does Rachel discover in Chapter 44 that makes her feel like Izzy left a legacy after all?

4. On Tuesday night in Chapter 40, what does Rachel do when Manny holds the elevator door open for her?

5. What does the hospital technician give to Izzy in Chapter 35?

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