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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On Tuesday night in Chapter 40, what does Rachel do when Manny holds the elevator door open for her?
(a) She gets in, but presses the wrong button.
(b) Nothing, she can't make herself get on it.
(c) She runs back to Izzy's room.
(d) She crumbles to the floor in tears.

2. What does Lewis tell Rachel occurred at school when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) A power outage.
(b) A sit-in.
(c) An assembly.
(d) A fire drill.

3. How does Izzy treat the person who visits him in Chapter 39?
(a) He is gruff and unfriendly.
(b) He tries to be sociable.
(c) He is condescending.
(d) He is unresponsive.

4. On the second day in Chapter 38, what does Izzy talk to Rachel about?
(a) Shirley and Manny.
(b) His career as a stone mason.
(c) Nothing, he refuses to speak to anyone.
(d) His courtship with Eva and her relationship with Lewis.

5. How does Dr. North respond to Rachel's concerns that she should have made Izzy rest more?
(a) He doesn't answer he.
(b) He says it is just fluid accumulation.
(c) He says she has probably helped him live longer.
(d) He says she is too young to be taking care of him anyway.

6. How does Rachel feel, after she cries for Izzy, in Chapter 43?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Full of grief.
(c) Angry.
(d) Numb.

7. What does Izzy insist that Shirley take home with her, even though she made it for him?
(a) An afghan.
(b) Soup.
(c) Zucchini bread.
(d) A sweater.

8. What does Rachel tell Lewis that it seems like her grandfather is doing when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) Pushing her away.
(b) Evaporating.
(c) Waiting to die.
(d) Trying to squeeze in a lifetime of conversations.

9. When they talk about Grandpa Izzy in Chapter 37, how does Rachel say she sometimes feels?
(a) Furious.
(b) Confused.
(c) Numb.
(d) Overwhelmed.

10. What does Dr. North tell Izzy when the patient asks when he will be able to go home?
(a) That he should consider saying his goodbyes here.
(b) That he can go home on Monday.
(c) That this is the best place for him for now.
(d) That it won't be long.

11. Who calls Rachel to find out how Izzy is doing on Saturday in Chapter 33?
(a) Alice Farnum.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Lenny.
(d) Helena and Lewis.

12. What does Dr. North tell Shirley about Izzy's condition after his second fall?
(a) That Izzy should get his affairs in order.
(b) That Izzy must be hospitalized to get better.
(c) That Izzy will keep getting weaker.
(d) That Izzy needs an organ transplant.

13. What object are Rachel and the person she talks to in Chapter 45 standing in front of?
(a) A table.
(b) A trophy case.
(c) A cake.
(d) A book shelf.

14. What do Izzy and Rachel share on the park bench in Chapter 33?
(a) Black jellybeans.
(b) Licorice.
(c) Chocolage.
(d) Coffee ice cream.

15. What happens during the night that Rachel stays at the hotel with Izzy?
(a) Izzy stops breathing and is revived.
(b) Rachel breaks out in hives.
(c) Rachels sees a dead patient removed from the room next door.
(d) Izzy dies.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Rachel and Jeremy go for a walk in Chapter 43?

2. What does Uncle Lenny tell Rachel that surprises her?

3. How does Izzy greet Rachel each day, as of Chapter 36, when she arrives at the hospital to visit him?

4. What does the hospital technician give to Izzy in Chapter 35?

5. What does Rachel do when she returns to school the Wednesday after Izzy is hospitalized?

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