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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the person that Rachel thanks react in the final chapter of the story?
(a) The person kisses Rachel.
(b) The person says that she is worth it.
(c) The person insists it was nothing.
(d) The person hugs Rachel.

2. Who calls Rachel to find out how Izzy is doing on Saturday in Chapter 33?
(a) Helena and Lewis.
(b) Lenny.
(c) Alice Farnum.
(d) Jeremy.

3. What happens during the night that Rachel stays at the hotel with Izzy?
(a) Izzy dies.
(b) Rachel breaks out in hives.
(c) Rachels sees a dead patient removed from the room next door.
(d) Izzy stops breathing and is revived.

4. What do Izzy and Rachel share on the park bench in Chapter 33?
(a) Licorice.
(b) Coffee ice cream.
(c) Black jellybeans.
(d) Chocolage.

5. On Tuesday night in Chapter 40, what does Rachel do when Manny holds the elevator door open for her?
(a) She crumbles to the floor in tears.
(b) She gets in, but presses the wrong button.
(c) Nothing, she can't make herself get on it.
(d) She runs back to Izzy's room.

6. In Chapter 44, what does Rachel complain to Manny about?
(a) That they never talk about Izzy anymore.
(b) That it has been raining for ages.
(c) That Helena has a later curfew than she does.
(d) That she doesn't know what to do without Izzy around.

7. What does Izzy complain about in Chapter 38?
(a) The crying patient in the room next door.
(b) Shirley is hovering.
(c) He cant walk, breathe, or spit up whats in his chest.
(d) He can't go to the bathroom without help.

8. What does Rachel find in Izzy's hospital room when she returns on the day following his first treatment?
(a) A plant from Alice Farnum.
(b) Balloons from Helena.
(c) Someone else in Izzy's bed.
(d) An empty bed.

9. What do the Coopers and Izzy do in Chapter 35?
(a) Watch a Marx Brothers movie.
(b) Everyone listens to Rachel read a western that Izzy likes.
(c) Everyone reads their own book.
(d) Watch golf on TV.

10. What makes Rachel jealous when at Izzy's apartment in Chapter 32?
(a) Izzy's attention to Alice.
(b) Izzy's attention to Helena.
(c) Lewis's attention to Helena.
(d) Jeremy's attention to Shirley.

11. Why does Rachel decide to skip the birthday party in Chapter 32?
(a) To take care of Izzy.
(b) To go out with Lewis.
(c) She is jealous.
(d) To make her mom angry.

12. What does Izzy want to do in Chapter 33 when Rachel arrives at his house early on Saturday morning?
(a) Take her to the bridges again.
(b) Stay inside and rest.
(c) Stay outside all day.
(d) Go to the hardware store.

13. What does the hospital technician give to Izzy in Chapter 35?
(a) An x-ray of his lungs.
(b) A portable oxygen machine.
(c) A card that was left for him at the front desk.
(d) A balloon animal.

14. What is the day like when Rachel walks up and down West Creek Street counting the bridges?
(a) Sun is starting to peek through the cloud cover.
(b) Downpouring.
(c) Drizzly and dirty.
(d) Hazy, but the rain has stopped.

15. When does Rachel start arriving at the hospital each day in Chapter 36?
(a) By 3 pm.
(b) By noon and again by 4 pm.
(c) From 6 pm every evening.
(d) By 8 am.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Rachel jealous of MB?

2. In Rachel's journal account of Chapter 39, why does she say that Shirley had to leave Izzy on Sunday?

3. What does Jeremy point out to Rachel when they take their walk on the day they scatter Izzy's ashes?

4. What does Rachel eat at the hospital cafeteria with her parents when Shirley complains about the food?

5. What does Rachel discover in Chapter 44 that makes her feel like Izzy left a legacy after all?

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