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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Rachel and her mother go to picky up Izzy in Chapter 7?
(a) The mall.
(b) The senior center.
(c) His apartment.
(d) The hospital.

2. Why does Izzy cook for Rachel in Chapter 27?
(a) He wants to take her to a movie.
(b) He is tired of people fussing over him.
(c) To prove that he can.
(d) Shirley and Manny work late.

3. Who does Rachel interview for the school paper?
(a) Grandpa Izzy.
(b) The school nurse.
(c) Helena's father.
(d) An actor.

4. What is Shirley doing when Rachel apologizes to her in Chapter 3?
(a) Snoring loudly.
(b) Knitting a scarf for Grandpa Izzy.
(c) Playing solitaire.
(d) Drinking from a bottle of gin.

5. Why is Grandpa Izzy angry at Rachel in Chapter 20?
(a) She won't buy him cigarettes at the market.
(b) She didn't come to walk with him.
(c) She makes her mother cry.
(d) She is being too pushy.

6. What do Rachel and Helena do in Chapter 5?
(a) Look at teen magazines.
(b) Play paddleball.
(c) Shoplift.
(d) Make a crank phone call.

7. What best describes Izzy's mood at the family dinner in Chapter 15?
(a) Angier that usual.
(b) Uncharacteristically kind.
(c) Subdued and silent.
(d) Contentious and gruff.

8. Why does Helena apologize to Rachel in Chapter 12?
(a) For taking Rachel's journal.
(b) She forgot how real the doctor's office visit was for Rachel.
(c) She called Rachel stupid for telling her about Izzy's illness.
(d) For yelling at Rachel on the way home from school.

9. What do Rachel and Izzy discover they both like in Chapter 25?
(a) Jazz music.
(b) Black jellybeans.
(c) Kung Fu movies.
(d) Licking the cream out of oreos.

10. Who writes a letter and who is the recipient in Chapter 2?
(a) Rachel writers to Jeremy.
(b) Rachel writes to an unnamed pen pal.
(c) Jeremy writes to Rachel.
(d) Helena writes to Rachel.

11. What happens to Grandpa Izzy that requires Rachel to go get him in Chapter 16?
(a) He is hit by a baseball.
(b) He is hit by a car.
(c) He falls while walking.
(d) He has a seizure and falls in a ditch.

12. What does Rachel say she is afraid of in Chapter 6?
(a) Heights.
(b) Bridges.
(c) Snakes.
(d) Dogs.

13. What does Izzy tell Rachel he left on one of the bridges he worked on?
(a) A handprint.
(b) A present for Eva.
(c) His favorite coat.
(d) A footprint.

14. What does Rachel describe happening in Chapter 2 at the kitchen table?
(a) Her mother drinks too much.
(b) She explodes in anger at ther parents.
(c) Her parents have a violent argument.
(d) Her father says he has lost his job.

15. Who ran away to England when he was younger than Rachel is in the story?
(a) Manny.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Uncle Lenny.
(d) Grandpa Izzy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rachel see at the Civic Center when she and her father go to the performance there?

2. Where do Izzy and Rachel go together in Chapter 23?

3. What does Rachel do to occupy her mind while walking with Izzy after school in Chapter 20?

4. What does Izzy give to Alice Farnum in Chapter 26?

5. In Chapter 13, what does Lewis give Rachel after their date, when they are at the burger place?

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