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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alice Farnum wear when she visits Izzy in Chapter 26?
(a) Black gloves.
(b) Oversized sunglasses.
(c) A turban.
(d) A muumuu.

2. What does Izzy complain about in Chapter 38?
(a) Shirley is hovering.
(b) He cant walk, breathe, or spit up whats in his chest.
(c) He can't go to the bathroom without help.
(d) The crying patient in the room next door.

3. In Chapter 16, who calls the Cooper's house while Rachel is home alone?
(a) Rachel's boss.
(b) Coach Al.
(c) Alice Farnum.
(d) Dr. North.

4. What is life like for Rachel at the start of Chapter 44.
(a) Back to normal.
(b) She is constantly sad and crying.
(c) Boring.
(d) Busy as all her family is still in town.

5. Where does Rachel work from 5 to 9?
(a) At a fast food restaurant.
(b) At a drycleaning facility.
(c) At a library.
(d) At a grocery store.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Izzy say Rachel should have been named for?

2. What does Dr. North say is wrong with Grandpa Izzy when Rachel and Shirley meet him in Chapter 10?

3. What do Manny and Shirley do when they come by after work?

4. Who does Izzy tell Rachel called to check on him after his fall?

5. What does Rachel do when Izzy falls, for a second time, according to her journal entries?

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