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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Lenny tell Rachel that surprises her?
(a) That he had spoken to Izzy recently.
(b) That she speaks a lot like Izzy.
(c) That she looks like Eva.
(d) That Izzy sent him a card once a year.

2. Who stares at Rachel during seventh period in Chapter 4?
(a) A male teacher.
(b) Mikey.
(c) Lewis.
(d) The new girl.

3. Where are Rachel and Lewis when they speak in Chapter 37?
(a) At Rachel's kitchen table.
(b) On the phone.
(c) In the hospital cafeteria.
(d) In Poppie's Diner.

4. Why is Grandpa Izzy angry at Rachel in Chapter 20?
(a) She makes her mother cry.
(b) She won't buy him cigarettes at the market.
(c) She is being too pushy.
(d) She didn't come to walk with him.

5. Why is Shirley upset on Sunday in Chapter 15?
(a) She doesn't want to face Izzy who doesn't know he is dying.
(b) Rachel doesn't want to go to Izzy's for the traditional Sunday meal.
(c) Manny wants her to tell Izzy about the cancer, but she doesn't want to.
(d) She has to tell Izzy that he has cancer and is dying.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Izzy demand, as the Coopers are leaving, in Chapter 38?

2. Why does Rachel argue with Lewis after their first kiss?

3. Who comes to visit Izzy on Sunday in Chapter 39?

4. Who does Izzy tell Rachel called to check on him after his fall?

5. What does Rachel tell Lewis that it seems like her grandfather is doing when they speak in Chapter 37?

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