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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grandpa Izzy tell Rachel about when she calls him in Chapter 17?
(a) That she reminds him of his dead wife.
(b) That he used to play stickball afterschool with his brother.
(c) He used to get into a lot of fights when he was young.
(d) That his own father died from a fall.

2. Who does Izzy tell Rachel called to check on him after his fall?
(a) Mrs. Minor.
(b) Lewis.
(c) Dr. Roof.
(d) Alice Farnum.

3. Where do Rachel's parents go in Chapter 9?
(a) To a funeral.
(b) To a friend's house.
(c) On a date.
(d) For a hike.

4. Where are Rachel and Lewis when they first kiss?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In Mikey's car.
(c) By a waterfall.
(d) On a sidewalk.

5. Where does the person who spends the night with Izzy on the Saturday he says he is afraid to sleep actually sleep?
(a) In an empty patient bed.
(b) On a small pull out couch.
(c) On a cot.
(d) In the big chair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rachel want to be when she grows up?

2. When they speak in Chapter 37, what is the tone of the conversation that Rachel and Lewis have?

3. What does the family plant in Izzy's memory?

4. What does Mikey want to be when he grows up?

5. What does Jeremy point out to Rachel when they take their walk on the day they scatter Izzy's ashes?

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