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The Cooper's House

This place is a modest suburban single-family home that is situated on a bus route.

Rachel's Room

This teenager's sanctuary is covered with magazine articles, photographs, and postcards.

Grandpa Izzy's Apartment

This is located on the top floor of building C of Loren Towers.

Grandpa Izzy's Kitchen

This is the place where Rachel and her mother cook a big meal every Sunday.

Black Jelly Beans

These objects are shared by Rachel and Grandpa Izzy on bus stop benches.

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

This is what Rachel buys for Grandpa Izzy at the cafe on the day he collapses.

Rachel's Journal

This is the tool Rachel uses to express her inner feelings.

Letters & Postcards

This is the method Rachel and Jeremy use to communicate.


This is what Rachel's mother uses to express her love to her family.

The Cafe

This is the place that Rachel...

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