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Short Answer Questions

1. What has Miro never seen?

2. Why does Kate feel angry that she is on the bus?

3. Who has Ben's father been speaking with?

4. At what age was Miro expected to die?

5. What does Kate remember about Miro?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kate hope for when she hears the helicopters overhead?

2. Why does Artkin kill Raymond?

3. What led to Ben's suicide.

4. When Ben's father arrives at Ben's dorm, what do the two men do?

5. Who has taken over the narration of the novel in this section?

6. What does Kate underestimate about Miro?

7. What do the events of the novel show to the reader?

8. Why did the author choose to pick the 1970s for the setting of the novel?

9. As the General looks back on the day of the hijacking, what does he wonder?

10. Why does Miro decide to kill Kate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It seems as though the author is constantly trying to compare the lives of the three main characters. What themes does the author seem to emphasize with Kate, Ben, and Miro?

Essay Topic 2

How has the General's actions caused Ben to commit suicide?

How could the General have prevented the death of his son?

Essay Topic 3

Ben yearns for love but is unable to find it with Nettie.

Is this because he is not ready to love? Or has he not had enough life experiences to find this type of love.

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