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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Early in the morning what does Miro wait for?
(a) A limo.
(b) The black town car.
(c) A blue SUV.
(d) The orange school bus.

2. What else does Miro tell Kate about concerning his home?
(a) He misses the people from his home.
(b) He is enjoying America and might not want to go home.
(c) He hates his home.
(d) He will do anything to return to his homeland.

3. What does Miro admire about Artkin?
(a) His plan making ability.
(b) His ability to communicate with others.
(c) His intelligence.
(d) His looks.

4. Why is Kate so happy with Raymond?
(a) He is behaving really well.
(b) He wants to attack the terrorists.
(c) He has refused to eat the candy.
(d) He is giving her courage.

5. What did Ben's father work as?
(a) Brigadier General.
(b) Secretary of State.
(c) A security guard.
(d) Attorney General

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kate remember about Miro?

2. On what continent does the beginning of the novel take place?

3. In this section, what does the reader begin to understand about Ben's story?

4. In what time period is the novel set?

5. What moves into the woods around the bus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the terrorists do with the child who has died?

2. How do events begin to take a turn for the worse?

3. What is Ben very eager to do?

4. What is different about Miro and Ben?

5. When Kate asks to take all of the children to the bathroom, what is she given instead?

6. Why doesn't Raymond fall asleep?

7. Where did Ben fall in love with Nettie Haversham?

8. What does the reader realize as the narration of the novel continues?

9. According to Ben's father, what do the terrorists want?

10. How do the terrorists get all the children to fall asleep?

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