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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the General do to Ben's phone?
(a) Did not allow Ben to have a phone.
(b) Forced Ben to make calls on the house phone.
(c) Destroyed it after Ben was disrespectful.
(d) Tapped and listened to all his phone calls.

2. How do the terrorists react to this death?
(a) They kill Ben.
(b) They kill Kate.
(c) They kill Miro.
(d) They kill Raymond.

3. What is ironic about Miro's escape?
(a) Miro is injured as he escapes.
(b) The person who caused all the devastation, goes unharmed.
(c) Miro is captured by the US government after he escapes.
(d) Miro never escapes.

4. What does Kate realize about Artkin and Miro's relationship?
(a) Artkin is Miro's father.
(b) They must be related.
(c) Artkin is Miro's best friend.
(d) Artkin and Miro are brothers.

5. How does Miro feel after the others berate him for overlooking Kate's search?
(a) Angry with Kate.
(b) Hurt that Artkin did not help him.
(c) Humiliated and angry.
(d) Humiliated.

6. What prompted the General to tell Ben the truth?
(a) The General's wife forces him to tell Ben the truth.
(b) Ben's guilt.
(c) Ben finds confidential papers and confronts his father.
(d) Ben's prooding.

7. What causes mass confusion at the hijacking site?
(a) All the hostages are found dead.
(b) Bombs go off.
(c) The hijackers are assaulted sooner than expected.
(d) The attackers are not sure when they should attack the terrorists.

8. While everything happens, what happens to the helicopter?
(a) It crashes into the river.
(b) It keeps flying away.
(c) It crashes into the van.
(d) It explodes from a bomb.

9. How does Miro feel about this realization?
(a) He is sad he did not get to know his father.
(b) He feels that Kate is lying to him and becomes angry.
(c) He is glad because he never liked him anyway.
(d) Miro feels upset that Artkin lied to him about being his father.

10. What is finally revealed by the end of this section?
(a) Ben's love for Nettie.
(b) Ben's hate for his father.
(c) Ben's involvement with Inner Delta.
(d) Ben's choice to run away from his father.

11. When Ben dies, what does he see himself as?
(a) A coward.
(b) No longer the General's son.
(c) Unhappy and weak.
(d) A miserable person.

12. What does the leader learn about Ben?
(a) He has moved on with his life.
(b) Ben has hoped he and his father could soon become close.
(c) He has been filled with guilt over giving up information about the
(d) He is going to college.

13. Once Kate finally starts the bus, what happens?
(a) The children wake up.
(b) She starts to drive it away.
(c) She has problems turning it on.
(d) The terrorists do not notice.

14. How does Artkin have proof of Sedeete's capture?
(a) A stone.
(b) A piece of glass.
(c) A sea shell.
(d) A rock.

15. How does Artkin die?
(a) He commits suicide.
(b) He is captured and executed.
(c) He is run over by a truck.
(d) Artkin is shot by soldiers who are in the helicopter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kate beg them to do?

2. How much in advance does the American assault begin on the terrorists?

3. Why did the General use Ben to go into the hijacking situation?

4. What causes the General to break down?

5. What is the author trying to prove is very tragic?

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