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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ironic about Miro's escape?
(a) Miro never escapes.
(b) Miro is injured as he escapes.
(c) The person who caused all the devastation, goes unharmed.
(d) Miro is captured by the US government after he escapes.

2. How will Miro now act around Kate?
(a) He guards his words more closely.
(b) He is cruel towards her and the children.
(c) He hates her and shows it.
(d) He will tell her everything.

3. How is Miro careful to elude his captors?
(a) He rides a bike to his next location.
(b) He disguises himself as a local.
(c) He dresses in camo attire.
(d) He slowly and carefully travels through the woods.

4. Because the van was wire tapped, what was the General forced to listen to?
(a) His son giving him up.
(b) His son being tortured.
(c) The screams of children.
(d) The terrorists demands.

5. Where does he hide her?
(a) In the ground.
(b) In a boat on the river.
(c) In a nestlike enclosure.
(d) In a cave.

6. Besides just knowing about his son's behavior, what has the General also learned about his son?
(a) Ben is in love.
(b) Ben is not that intelligent.
(c) Ben is very smart.
(d) Ben's emotional reactions to specific stimuli.

7. What did the General know that Ben would do if he was captured?
(a) He knew that Ben would spill information.
(b) He would create problems for
(c) The General would be incredibly mad.
(d) He knew that Ben would make a mistake.

8. What does Kate underestimate?
(a) Miro's hate of Artkin.
(b) Miro's problem with Kate.
(c) Miro's guilt over Artkin's death.
(d) Miro's love for Artkin.

9. What did the General do to Ben's phone?
(a) Did not allow Ben to have a phone.
(b) Forced Ben to make calls on the house phone.
(c) Tapped and listened to all his phone calls.
(d) Destroyed it after Ben was disrespectful.

10. As Part 7 begins, what does the reader notice has changed?
(a) Ben is no longer the narrator.
(b) Kate is now the narrator.
(c) Ben has completely left the novel.
(d) Kate has become more frantic.

11. Why does the General try to seek forgiveness?
(a) Because he lost his job for sending Ben into the field.
(b) He loves his son too much to loose him.
(c) Because he misses his wife.
(d) Because he sent his son into a battleground.

12. Does the reader ever really learn about Ben's mother?
(a) No.
(b) Yes, but only through the General's eyes.
(c) No, because she is dead.
(d) Yes, Ben mentions her briefly.

13. What does he hope to do now that the mission is over?
(a) He wants to change his life and make a family.
(b) Miro hopes to find any surviving family members.
(c) He wants to stay in the US and learn more about the culture.
(d) Miro now hopes to continue his terrorist acts.

14. How do the General's thoughts seem to be organized?
(a) Confusing.
(b) They are very clear.
(c) Easy to follow and concise.
(d) They are jumbled together.

15. Who does Artkin shoot as he falls down?
(a) Ben.
(b) Kate.
(c) Miro.
(d) Raymond.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once Kate finally starts the bus, what happens?

2. Does the author provide some kind of closure for Kate's character and her family?

3. Why is this object important?

4. While everything happens, what happens to the helicopter?

5. What is the name Ben's father uses in relation to Inner Delta missions?

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