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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the military not figured out about capturing the terrorist leader?
(a) The terrorists will now kill all of the children.
(b) The stand off will not be over.
(c) The leader is not the heart of the movement.
(d) The terrorists will carry on even if their leader is dead.

2. How did the General learn about Ben's school work?
(a) He sat down with his son and asked him about it.
(b) Through private detailed reports for teachers and staff.
(c) The General did not care about Ben's school work.
(d) He sat in on all of Ben's classes.

3. What did the General do to Ben's phone?
(a) Did not allow Ben to have a phone.
(b) Destroyed it after Ben was disrespectful.
(c) Forced Ben to make calls on the house phone.
(d) Tapped and listened to all his phone calls.

4. Because the van was wire tapped, what was the General forced to listen to?
(a) His son being tortured.
(b) The terrorists demands.
(c) His son giving him up.
(d) The screams of children.

5. How long does Ben have to stay stationed?
(a) Until his father came to get him.
(b) For a day.
(c) Until the negotiations were complete.
(d) For a week.

6. In his prime, what was the General considered?
(a) Someone to look up to in the community.
(b) An extremely intelligent man.
(c) A very handsome man.
(d) A strong determined man.

7. What is Miro's character perceived to be?
(a) A young man with serious mental issues.
(b) A young boy who is blinded by his will to be loyal to Artkin and the cause.
(c) A tormented young person.
(d) A liar and cheater.

8. What causes mass confusion at the hijacking site?
(a) The hijackers are assaulted sooner than expected.
(b) All the hostages are found dead.
(c) Bombs go off.
(d) The attackers are not sure when they should attack the terrorists.

9. What does Miro reveal himself to be?
(a) A frightened young teen.
(b) A menacing young man.
(c) A follower.
(d) An evil person.

10. Where does Miro put Kate's body?
(a) In the school bus.
(b) In a river.
(c) He leaves it in the woods.
(d) He buries it in a cemetery.

11. What does Miro feel over Artkin?
(a) He is happy Artkin is dead.
(b) He thinks that Artkin was a great big brother figure.
(c) He feels regret and anger over Artkin's death.
(d) Guilty that he used Artkin.

12. How will Miro now act around Kate?
(a) He is cruel towards her and the children.
(b) He guards his words more closely.
(c) He hates her and shows it.
(d) He will tell her everything.

13. How does Kate use her sexuality in the book?
(a) She is unsuccessful in seducing Miro.
(b) She uses it to make Miro uncomfortable and confused.
(c) She uses it to persuade Artkin into following her directions.
(d) She does not use her sexuality.

14. Does the reader ever really learn about Ben's mother?
(a) Yes, but only through the General's eyes.
(b) No, because she is dead.
(c) No.
(d) Yes, Ben mentions her briefly.

15. When Ben dies, what does he see himself as?
(a) A miserable person.
(b) A coward.
(c) Unhappy and weak.
(d) No longer the General's son.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Kate think she can steal the bus?

2. How does Artkin have proof of Sedeete's capture?

3. How does Artkin die?

4. The General's choice to use his son was ________.

5. What is Artkin's character perceived to be?

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