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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What chapters is the General now narrating?
(a) All chapters.
(b) The odd chapters.
(c) Even chapters.
(d) He is not.

2. How had the General learned almost everything he knew about Ben?
(a) He would speak with teachers to learn about his son.
(b) He asked his wife about their son.
(c) He has been spying on Ben.
(d) He had deep conversations with his father.

3. Who is Artkin shot by?
(a) Miro, who is fed up with him.
(b) Ben, who has gotten a gun from a terrorists.
(c) An overhead helicopter.
(d) A US fighter.

4. What is ironic about Miro's escape?
(a) Miro is injured as he escapes.
(b) Miro never escapes.
(c) The person who caused all the devastation, goes unharmed.
(d) Miro is captured by the US government after he escapes.

5. Why does Miro kill Kate?
(a) Because he was attacted to her.
(b) Kate asks for her death.
(c) Because he thought she lied to distract him.
(d) Because Kate disrespects him.

6. What are the names of all four terrorists?
(a) Miro Stroll, Antibbe and Kirre.
(b) Miro, Artkin, Stroll and Maye.
(c) Artkin, Miro, Stroll and Kirre.
(d) Miro, Artkin, Antibbe and Stroll.

7. In his prime, what was the General considered?
(a) A strong determined man.
(b) A very handsome man.
(c) An extremely intelligent man.
(d) Someone to look up to in the community.

8. Where were the children originally headed to on the bus?
(a) To school.
(b) A large playground.
(c) Day camp.
(d) To a city park.

9. Who does Artkin shoot as he falls down?
(a) Ben.
(b) Raymond.
(c) Miro.
(d) Kate.

10. What mistake does Kate make?
(a) She should have only looked out for herself.
(b) She chooses to sleep with Miro.
(c) She underestimates how guilty Miro feels about Artkin's death.
(d) She tries to connect too closely with Miro.

11. What causes the General to break down?
(a) His wife deciding to leave him.
(b) His own guilt and Ben's death.
(c) Ben's anger towards him.
(d) Ben's refusal to forgive him.

12. When Ben dies, what does he see himself as?
(a) A miserable person.
(b) A coward.
(c) No longer the General's son.
(d) Unhappy and weak.

13. Once Kate finally starts the bus, what happens?
(a) She starts to drive it away.
(b) The children wake up.
(c) She has problems turning it on.
(d) The terrorists do not notice.

14. How do the terrorists react to this death?
(a) They kill Kate.
(b) They kill Miro.
(c) They kill Ben.
(d) They kill Raymond.

15. What is Miro doing before Kate tries to take off?
(a) Goes to the bathroom.
(b) Learn to drive the bus.
(c) Getting air outside of the bus.
(d) Speaking with Artkin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kate think will happen to her if she can talk to Miro?

2. Why is the General leading this new life?

3. What does he hope to do now that the mission is over?

4. How does Artkin have proof of Sedeete's capture?

5. What does Miro feel over Artkin?

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