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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the two characters' days contrasting with one another?
(a) Ben rushes between classes at school while Miro rushes to help Artkin kill others.
(b) Ben is fighting for the love of a girl, Miro is fighting for respect.
(c) Ben is living the normal American life, while Miro is fighting for his country's freedom.
(d) Miro longs to lead others, while Ben wishes to follow.

2. Why is Kate so happy with Raymond?
(a) He is behaving really well.
(b) He wants to attack the terrorists.
(c) He has refused to eat the candy.
(d) He is giving her courage.

3. What is Ben very eager to find?
(a) Peace with his father.
(b) Love.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Hope.

4. Why does Kate start to talk with Miro?
(a) She sees an important person in him.
(b) To distract him so that she can make some escape plans.
(c) She wants him to see her as a human being.
(d) She thinks he is attractive.

5. What does Miro and Artkin's relationship resemble?
(a) Lovers.
(b) Two very close friends.
(c) An uncle and nephew.
(d) That of a father and son.

6. How has Miro grown up?
(a) With only his brother.
(b) With his mother in a small country.
(c) In a terrorist cell.
(d) On the streets of NYC.

7. How are the children forced to go to the bathroom?
(a) In a pail.
(b) In their seats.
(c) Outside of the bus.
(d) In a bathroom.

8. In Miro's life, who has died?
(a) His best friend.
(b) His freinds from school.
(c) His entire family.
(d) His brother and parents.

9. What does Miro admire about Artkin?
(a) His plan making ability.
(b) His ability to communicate with others.
(c) His looks.
(d) His intelligence.

10. Did Nettie seem to be in love with Ben?
(a) No she did not return the feelings when he called.
(b) Yes, she is very interested in Ben.
(c) Yes, she is already planning on marrying Ben.
(d) No, she is actually dating someone else.

11. The hijackers give the children candy, but what is wrong with it?
(a) It contains a drug to sedate them.
(b) The chemicals in the candy will prevent the children from going to the bathroom.
(c) The candy holds a lot of nutritents.
(d) It is laced with LSD.

12. What does Ben seem to be contemplating?
(a) The death of his mother.
(b) Killing his father.
(c) Suicide.
(d) Going to college.

13. What is the bus driver's name?
(a) Kelly.
(b) Karina.
(c) Kat.
(d) Kate.

14. Where does Ben recall falling in love?
(a) When his mother introduced him to a young woman she works with.
(b) At the YMCA outside of Hallowell.
(c) At the movie theatre.
(d) The summer of the hijacking at the pool.

15. As Chapter 5 begins, what does Ben hope he can gain from his father?
(a) Forgiveness.
(b) Help.
(c) Kindess.
(d) Education.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Kate put this object?

2. What is Miro eager for?

3. Why did the hijackers want money?

4. What is the driver now fighting for?

5. Why is Miro surprised when he meets the driver?

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