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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Ben's father work as?
(a) Secretary of State.
(b) A security guard.
(c) Brigadier General.
(d) Attorney General

2. What does Kate wonder about in this section?
(a) Whether or not she can save the children.
(b) Her family.
(c) Her future.
(d) Her job.

3. Where does Kate put this object?
(a) In her pocket.
(b) She puts it in her shoe.
(c) Hides it in her bra.
(d) In her sock.

4. What does Ben Marchand seem to carry around with him?
(a) Guilt about something.
(b) Wanting to be accepted by everyone.
(c) Finding a place for him to fit in.
(d) A longing for love.

5. What has Raymond attempted to do to the hijackers?
(a) Foil their plan and pretend he is asleep.
(b) Help Kate take over the weapons.
(c) Attack one of the hijackers.
(d) Kick one of the terrorists.

6. What does Kate remember about Miro?
(a) He has a soft side.
(b) He is very conservative.
(c) He does not turn her in for going to the bathroom.
(d) He has no interest in women.

7. What is a third thing the terrorists hope to gain from the hijacking?
(a) Exposure of Inner Delta.
(b) Their own country to rule.
(c) Power from NATO.
(d) The re-establishment of their ruler.

8. How did Ben assume that love happened?
(a) It happens between two people and goes both ways.
(b) Only between adults.
(c) The exact way that Ben's mother and father fell in love.
(d) One person chases after the other.

9. What has Miro successfully completed?
(a) His board exams.
(b) His high school GED.
(c) All of the tests assigned to him by Artkin.
(d) His acceptance into a Middle Eastern training camp.

10. What else does Miro tell Kate about concerning his home?
(a) He is enjoying America and might not want to go home.
(b) He will do anything to return to his homeland.
(c) He misses the people from his home.
(d) He hates his home.

11. Early in the morning what does Miro wait for?
(a) A blue SUV.
(b) The black town car.
(c) A limo.
(d) The orange school bus.

12. When Miro hears this sound, he knows that the government has discovered their location.
(a) Rustling in the forest.
(b) Planes flying overhead.
(c) The sounds of a helicopter.
(d) Trucks crushing rocks.

13. Why does this hijacking scare Miro?
(a) Because he has never done anything like this before.
(b) He wishes that Artkin would have chosen another location.
(c) He does not trust Artkin.
(d) It is different than other terrorist activities he has been involved in.

14. What moves into the woods around the bus?
(a) Scary animals.
(b) Shooters.
(c) Bomb experts.
(d) Snipers.

15. Who is in charge with negotiations with the military?
(a) Sedeete.
(b) Michael Jedde.
(c) Artkin.
(d) The General.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miro eager for?

2. In what time period is the novel set?

3. What is one thing the terrorists hope to gain from the hijacking?

4. What does Kate hope she can do to save the day?

5. To Ben, the day of the hijacking begins as __________________.

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