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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parts 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At this point in the book, what is happening with Miro?
(a) He is wishing he was not a part of this plan.
(b) He is fighting the realization that his brother is dead.
(c) He has decided to kill himself.
(d) He is living through the actual day of the hijacking.

2. Did Nettie seem to be in love with Ben?
(a) No, she is actually dating someone else.
(b) Yes, she is very interested in Ben.
(c) No she did not return the feelings when he called.
(d) Yes, she is already planning on marrying Ben.

3. Why does Kate start to talk with Miro?
(a) To distract him so that she can make some escape plans.
(b) She sees an important person in him.
(c) She thinks he is attractive.
(d) She wants him to see her as a human being.

4. Why does Kate finally encourage Raymond to eat the candy?
(a) She does not wish for Raymond to get hurt by the terrorists.
(b) Because the terrorists realize he is more lucid than other children.
(c) Raymond needs food, so he has to eat the candy.
(d) Because she wants him to get some rest.

5. Early in the morning what does Miro wait for?
(a) The black town car.
(b) A blue SUV.
(c) A limo.
(d) The orange school bus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the dead child's name?

2. What is Kate hopeful for?

3. How does Artkin have proof of Sedeete's capture?

4. How does Miro feel after the others berate him for overlooking Kate's search?

5. What has the military not figured out about capturing the terrorist leader?

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