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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parts 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Miro tell Kate about concerning his home?
(a) He is enjoying America and might not want to go home.
(b) He misses the people from his home.
(c) He hates his home.
(d) He will do anything to return to his homeland.

2. If Sedeete does not hear the signal, what should Artkin do?
(a) Kill Kate.
(b) Kill one child at a time.
(c) Torture the children.
(d) Kill all the children.

3. Why does Kate start to talk with Miro?
(a) She sees an important person in him.
(b) To distract him so that she can make some escape plans.
(c) She wants him to see her as a human being.
(d) She thinks he is attractive.

4. In Part 1, what is Ben anticipating?
(a) A visit from his mother and father.
(b) A meeting with a dean.
(c) A test he must take.
(d) A first date.

5. Why does Miro think it is right for him to commit murder?
(a) He doesn't think, he just wants to kill.
(b) In the name of freedom.
(c) He thinks killing feels good.
(d) Because their cause is the only thing that matters.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Miro hears this sound, he knows that the government has discovered their location.

2. What is one thing the terrorists hope to gain from the hijacking?

3. In the Seventies, what was a common occurrence in America?

4. What happens as they take the bus to a secure location?

5. What does Ben Marchand seem to carry around with him?

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