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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parts 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ben Marchand seem to carry around with him?
(a) Wanting to be accepted by everyone.
(b) Finding a place for him to fit in.
(c) A longing for love.
(d) Guilt about something.

2. How did Ben assume that love happened?
(a) One person chases after the other.
(b) Only between adults.
(c) It happens between two people and goes both ways.
(d) The exact way that Ben's mother and father fell in love.

3. Why does Kate feel angry that she is on the bus?
(a) She thinks she is too young to die.
(b) She thinks the hijackers have some nerve taking over the bus.
(c) She was supposed to go to the beach today.
(d) She normally does not drive this bus route.

4. What is Miro eager for?
(a) He wishes to be treated as an equal to his terrorist leaders.
(b) He wants a chance to lead all of the terrorists.
(c) To get to know a woman.
(d) The chance to prove himself to others.

5. Because Miro has taken part in other terrorist cases, what does this prove about him?
(a) Terrorism is not a whim, but a way of live.
(b) He has a soft side that is dying to come out.
(c) He wants to fit in with other terrorists.
(d) He hopes that he could get out of the terrorism game.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Seventies, what was a common occurrence in America?

2. By talking to Miro, what does Kate realize?

3. Why is Miro concerned about the bus' location?

4. What does Kate wonder about in this section?

5. At what age was Miro expected to die?

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