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Parts 1-2

• The novel begins with Ben Marchand narrating the story. It is the 1970s in the United States. During this time, there were many terrorist hijackings.

• Ben grew up on Fort Delta with his father and mother.

• His father was a part of a secret government group called Inner Delta.
• Miro has trained for many years to work with a terrorist group.

• The leader of his small unit, Artkin, has promised to let Miro participate.

• The terrorists will hijack the bus right after the last child has been picked up.
• Kate was not supposed to drive the school bus today. She is filling in for her uncle.

• When the terrorists take over the bus, they decide to keep Kate alive so she can keep the children calm.

• The terrorists give the children candy to make them do asleep.

Parts 3-4

• Ben thinks about the day of the...

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