After the Dancing Days Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Annie's feelings as she goes to meet her father at the train station.

Annie is nervous and a bit frightened as she and her mother go to the train station to meet her father. Annie knows that she has changed in the time her father has been gone, and she is concerned that her relationship with her father will not be the same.

2. What did Dr. Metcalf tell Annie before he left home nearly two years ago?

Before he left home, Dr. Metcalf told Annie that he would be stationed at a hospital in New York. He told her not to worry about his safety because he would not be stationed near the fighting and he would not carry a gun.

3. Describe Annie's thoughts when the boy delivered the telegram telling them that Uncle Paul had died.

When the telegram came telling about Uncle Paul's death, Annie was worried. She wanted to ignore the telegram. She hoped that if she ignored the telegram or threw it away that nothing would have changed and Uncle Paul would be fine.

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