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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Annie sometimes feel shut out of her mother's life?
(a) Her mother's volunteer work.
(b) Her mother is rarely home.
(c) Her mother's two groups of friends.
(d) Her mother's frequent illnesses.

2. What incident do Annie and her father discuss regarding her first visit to the hospital?
(a) Annie's encounter with the man with the burned face.
(b) What she is going to do later in the week.
(c) What she had for lunch.
(d) Why she ran away.

3. The next morning after father's return, what does Annie wish to discuss with her mother?
(a) The wounded men at the train station.
(b) What happened to Uncle Paul.
(c) If she can wear her new dress.
(d) If she can go to her grandparents' house.

4. About a week after Andrew's surgery, to whom does Andrew introduce Annie?
(a) The doctor who performed Andrew's surgery.
(b) A soldier from Andrew's unit.
(c) Andrew's father.
(d) A soldier who served with Uncle Paul.

5. On Annie's third visit to St. John's, how does Andrew respond when Annie attempts to apologize?
(a) He dismisses her apology.
(b) He struggles to hold back tears.
(c) He gets angry.
(d) He tells her not to worry about what happened.

Short Answer Questions

1. Grandfather and Dr. Metcalf are out walking the morning after Dr. Metcalf's return. Why does Grandfather tell Dr. Metcalf he is a brave man?

2. What do Mrs. Metcalf and her second group of friends like to do?

3. When her father was gone, what time of day did Annie most miss her father?

4. While Annie waits for her father at the train station, what images does Annie keep seeing even though she closes her eyes?

5. When Annie returns from the Sunday School outing, what does she tell her parents?

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