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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When and where did Uncle Paul die?
(a) January 4, 1918, in France.
(b) June 6, 1918, in France.
(c) October, 5, 1917, in Germany.
(d) April 14, 1918, in Germany.

2. What do Annie and her Sunday School class see on their outing?
(a) Annie's pets.
(b) Clowns juggling.
(c) Broken Blossom, a movie starring Lillian Gish.
(d) Wounded soldiers.

3. After Dr. Metcalf arrives on the train, who drives home from the station?
(a) Annie.
(b) Annie's grandparents.
(c) Annie's father.
(d) Annie's mother.

4. Why does Annie write a letter to her grandfather after her third visit to St. John's?
(a) To ask Grandfather if he is feeling better.
(b) To pass on a message from her father.
(c) To ask if Uncle Paul received a Purple Heart.
(d) To find out when Grandfather will be returning home.

5. What incident do Annie and her father discuss regarding her first visit to the hospital?
(a) Annie's encounter with the man with the burned face.
(b) What she had for lunch.
(c) Why she ran away.
(d) What she is going to do later in the week.

Short Answer Questions

1. The evening that Annie and her father go back to St. John's, what does Andrew promise to do for Annie?

2. What does the family do after dinner in Chapter 2?

3. Why doesn't Annie enjoy the fireworks on the Fourth of July?

4. When does Chapter 3 take place?

5. Why do Annie and her father visit St. John's in the evening a couple days after Grandfather writes Annie?

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