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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Mrs. Metcalf and her first group of friends like to do?
(a) Discuss books they've read.
(b) Persuade other women to volunteer to help wounded soldiers.
(c) Bake elaborate desserts.
(d) Work for women's rights and other political and social issues.

2. How did Uncle Paul die?
(a) He was packing hand grenades and one exploded.
(b) A gun discharged in his tent and wounded him fatally.
(c) Measles.
(d) Pneumonia.

3. Why is Annie nervous about seeing her father again?
(a) She is afraid that he doesn't love her mother anymore.
(b) She is afraid that she will be in trouble for things she did while he was gone.
(c) She is afraid that he will be changed by the war.
(d) She is afraid he won't recognize her.

4. What reunites Annie and her mother after their argument when Annie's mother returned from her trip?
(a) Learning how Uncle Paul died.
(b) Annie plants rose bushes to replace the ones she ruined.
(c) Annie's grandmother talks to both of them and helps them mend their differences.
(d) Annie's mother allowing her to visit the hospital again.

5. Where do Annie's mother and her Uncle John go the evening after Annie's second visit to St. John's?
(a) To the library.
(b) To Annie's grandparents' home.
(c) To find Annie's father.
(d) To the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. When her father was gone, what time of day did Annie most miss her father?

2. Which army used the agent that injured the soldiers?

3. On Annie's second visit to St. John's, why does Annie go find her father?

4. What does Andrew tell Annie after talking to a soldier who served with Uncle Paul?

5. Why is Annie's mother concerned about Annie's decision to do something different this summer?

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