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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where would Annie's mother prefer that Annie's father work?
(a) His own private practice.
(b) County Hospital.
(c) Kansas City Memorial Hospital.
(d) St. John's Veterans Hospital.

2. When and where did Uncle Paul die?
(a) October, 5, 1917, in Germany.
(b) June 6, 1918, in France.
(c) April 14, 1918, in Germany.
(d) January 4, 1918, in France.

3. How are Annie and her mother getting along now that her mother and her grandparents have returned from their trip?
(a) They are glad to be back together.
(b) There is tension between them.
(c) They're planning on going to the hospital together.
(d) Their relationship is better than it ever has been.

4. What does Annie do each day now that her mother has been gone for a few days?
(a) Go to the library to see Ruth.
(b) Play the piano.
(c) Visit friends.
(d) Visit St. John's to see Andrew and help the nuns.

5. When Annie returns from the Sunday School outing, what does she tell her parents?
(a) That she wants a friend to come over.
(b) That she wants to visit the hospital again.
(c) That she wants to cook the family's meals this summer.
(d) That she doesn't want to attend Sunday School this summer.

Short Answer Questions

1. It is almost time for Annie's mother to return home. What season of the year is ending?

2. How did Uncle Paul die?

3. Why, over the course of the summer, has Andrew's condition improved?

4. Why can't Annie hide the fact that she's been visiting St. John's from her mother any longer?

5. Who are Frances and Charlie?

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