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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17 and 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Annie waits for her father at the train station, what images does Annie keep seeing even though she closes her eyes?
(a) The wounded men she saw at the station.
(b) The look on her father's face when he first saw her.
(c) What she will have for dinner when they get home.
(d) The accident outside the station.

2. Where is Andrew's home?
(a) A house near Annie's neighborhood.
(b) An apartment building downtown.
(c) Near Aunt Felicia's house.
(d) A farm in a nearby town.

3. What will be done for Timothy's condition soon?
(a) His bandages will be removed.
(b) The doctors will use a new salve on his eyes.
(c) He will learn Braille.
(d) He will have an operation.

4. Why do Annie and her father visit St. John's in the evening a couple days after Grandfather writes Annie?
(a) To talk with Andrew.
(b) There is an emergency at the hospital.
(c) To visit Timothy.
(d) Annie's father has to care for a dying patient.

5. The newspaper is on the steps when Annie returns home from the Sunday School outing. What is the front page headline?
(a) War Monument Donations at 90%.
(b) Vice President Marshall to Visit Kansas City.
(c) President Wilson to Visit Kansas City.
(d) World Peace Signed and Sealed at Versailles.

Short Answer Questions

1. After arguing with her mother about St. John's, Annie goes to her room to think. What interrupts Annie's thoughts?

2. Who is Ruth?

3. Why is Annie so angry with her mother as they drive away from St. John's after Annie's second visit?

4. How many siblings does Annie have?

5. Where would Annie's mother prefer that Annie's father work?

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