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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23 and 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the setting in Chapters 13 and 14?
(a) Annie's grandparents' house.
(b) The park.
(c) Colorado.
(d) Annie's home and St. John's hospital.

2. Why do the Metcalfs need to shop for clothes the day after Dr. Metcalf returns home?
(a) Dr. Metcalf's luggage got lost on the train.
(b) Dr. Metcalf needs more uniforms for work.
(c) Dr. Metcalf has gained weight.
(d) Dr. Metcalf has lost weight.

3. On Annie's second visit to St. John's, what does Annie's grandfather do while she talks to one of the patients?
(a) Eats a snack.
(b) Takes a nap.
(c) Continues reading to Timothy.
(d) Asks Andrew about his war experiences.

4. The newspaper is on the steps when Annie returns home from the Sunday School outing. What is the front page headline?
(a) War Monument Donations at 90%.
(b) Vice President Marshall to Visit Kansas City.
(c) President Wilson to Visit Kansas City.
(d) World Peace Signed and Sealed at Versailles.

5. How did Annie and her mother get along while her father was gone?
(a) They argued constantly.
(b) They were civil, but did not have a close relationship.
(c) They grew closer together.
(d) They went their separate ways.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Annie's father serve during the war?

2. What do Mrs. Metcalf and her second group of friends like to do?

3. What did a soldier tell Annie's family when he informed them that Uncle Paul had died?

4. On Annie's second visit to St. John's, what does Annie discuss with one of the patients?

5. Why do Annie and her father visit St. John's in the evening a couple days after Grandfather writes Annie?

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