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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Mrs. Metcalf's second group of friends?
(a) Wives of doctors who work with Dr. Metcalf.
(b) Mothers of Annie's school friends.
(c) Friends of Uncle Paul.
(d) Women who enjoy music and the arts.

2. What does Annie do when her mother is working or playing the piano?
(a) Writes in her journal.
(b) Visits her grandparents or plays alone.
(c) Plays with friends.
(d) Plays duets with her mother.

3. How does Mrs. Metcalf spend most of her days?
(a) Visiting wounded soldiers.
(b) Writing novels.
(c) Writing and playing piano music.
(d) Designing and sewing clothing.

4. What does Ruth show Annie?
(a) Maps.
(b) Her favorite poetry books.
(c) Books about war.
(d) Sheet music.

5. Grandfather and Dr. Metcalf are out walking the morning after Dr. Metcalf's return. Why does Grandfather tell Dr. Metcalf he is a brave man?
(a) Dr. Metcalf is buying another car.
(b) Dr. Metcalf did not buy Mrs. Metcalf a gift when he came home.
(c) Dr. Metcalf has accepted a job that Mrs. Metcalf does not approve of.
(d) Because Dr. Metcalf said no to a dinner party Mrs. Metcalf wished to have.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Annie's father talk about in the evenings after work?

2. Who has Annie's grandfather been visiting at St. John's Hospital?

3. Why does Annie sometimes feel shut out of her mother's life?

4. Where did Annie's father serve during the war?

5. Where would Annie's mother prefer that Annie's father work?

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