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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19 and 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Annie spend a lot of time alone now that it is summer?
(a) Annie's best friends have moved away.
(b) Her interests are changing and she is growing away from her neighborhood friends.
(c) Her neighborhood friends are too busy to spend time with her.
(d) Annie has too many chores to do.

2. The morning after Annie's second visit to St. John's, what news do Annie and her grandmother learn?
(a) Annie's father is very sick.
(b) Annie's grandfather died at the hospital.
(c) Annie's grandfather has had a heart attack, but will live.
(d) Annie's grandfather has cancer.

3. Why does Annie's mother not want Annie to visit St. John's for a third time?
(a) Because Annie needs to go to Bible School.
(b) Because Annie is supposed to be helping Grandmother.
(c) She does not want Annie exposed to all the ugliness.
(d) She doesn't think Annie will be able to get all her chores done.

4. Annie runs away from one of the patients on her first visit to St. John's. Why does she go back?
(a) Her father asks her to go back.
(b) She drops her book and goes back to get it.
(c) She thinks of something she would like to ask the soldier.
(d) She tells her grandfather and he asks her to go back.

5. About a week after Andrew's surgery, Annie goes to St. John's earlier than usual. What good news does she hear?
(a) Annie has been asked to volunteer at the hospital.
(b) Timothy has regained his sight.
(c) There is a new treatment for Andrew's injuries.
(d) Annie has a job working at the library.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Annie and her mother do when they get home after Annie's second visit to St. John's?

2. Why does Annie's mother often leave the room when Annie's father talks about his work?

3. As the days pass since her grandparents and mother left, what does Annie begin to dread?

4. What does Annie's father talk about in the evenings after work?

5. How are Annie and her mother getting along now that her mother and her grandparents have returned from their trip?

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