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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What action does the goddess Rumor take after Dido and Aeneas begin to revel in each others' company?
(a) She spreads whispers and gossip to make Dido's other suitors angry and jealous.
(b) She tells the world of their love to encourage everyone to celebrate their union.
(c) She tattles to Juno about what they have done.
(d) She travels from country to country telling people that it isn't true that they are together.

2. Which of the following is NOT an effect of Dido's love for Aeneas?
(a) Dido keeps holding Ascanius on her lap because he looks like Aeneas.
(b) Dido presses herself against the couch where Aeneas sat.
(c) All construction of the city of Carthage stops.
(d) Dido persuades Aeneas to help her people build better ships.

3. What important things has Aeneas carried with him from Troy?
(a) King Priam's sword and shield.
(b) A herd of beasts to sacrifice to the gods.
(c) Three wooden splinters from the wooden horse.
(d) The Phrygian hearth-gods.

4. Who dies at the end of Book 3?
(a) Helenus.
(b) Polyphemus.
(c) Anchises.
(d) Achaemenid√ęs.

5. After first meeting Dido, what does Aeneas send for from his ships?
(a) For his son Ascanius and for gifts for Carthage.
(b) For his father Anchises and his medicine.
(c) For his best toga and shield.
(d) For weapons to surrender them up to Dido's people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Dido and Aeneas become "married"?

2. Where does Anchises think the voice in the temple is telling them to go build their new city?

3. Who or what does Venus say is the cause of the fall of Troy?

4. What hides Aeneas' identity as he travels through Carthage?

5. Who tells Aeneas he is in Carthage?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Sibyl.

2. Which gods and goddesses are actually involved in the fall of Troy and what actions do they take?

3. What is the problem with Aeneas remaining in Carthage?

4. What instances in Book V reveal how the Trojans feel about burying their dead?

5. Why is Juno so angry with the Trojans?

6. How does talking to Anchises prepare Aeneas to go build a new city for the Trojans in Italy?

7. How will Aeneas start the line that turns into the rulers of the Roman Empire?

8. Describe the state of construction in Carthage in Book 1.

9. How does Venus use references to the Trojan War when meeting with Jupiter at the beginning of Book X?

10. What message does Anchises give Aeneas in a dream?

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