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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Aeneas and the Trojans land in Sicily at the beginning of Book V, a year has passed since which important event?
(a) The fall of Troy.
(b) The death of Anchises.
(c) Leaving Dido's city.
(d) Paris taking Helen.

2. What does Sinon claim is the reason he was left behind?
(a) He snuck away because he wants to help the Trojans beat the Danaans.
(b) He has been sent to the Trojans as an ambassador of peace.
(c) He escaped before the Danaans could sacrifice him in exchange for good winds home.
(d) He was left behind to spy on the Trojans.

3. Why did Dido's people take on a peaceful mood toward Aeneas' people?
(a) They had heard great things about the Trojans from the Greeks.
(b) They were visited by Mercury.
(c) Queen Dido commanded them to welcome all new visitors.
(d) They were well known for always welcoming new people.

4. Where do Dido and Aeneas become "married"?
(a) At the ruins of Troy.
(b) At the altar of Juno.
(c) In a cave.
(d) On a boat at sea.

5. What does the plague that descends on the new city Aeneas founds at Pergamum tell the settlers?
(a) That this is the wrong coast to settle and that they should leave for other lands.
(b) That the settlers must practice better hygiene.
(c) That they are being punished for not defending Troy better.
(d) That the gods wish to make the city stronger by weeding out the weak.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Dido turned her face against remarriage?

2. When Dido sees Aeneas' men readying their ships to sail, for what does she plead?

3. Which of the following must Aeneas do to enter the underworld?

4. Who sends Iris to talk to the mourning Trojan women?

5. Who is Andromache's new husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. What instances in Book V reveal how the Trojans feel about burying their dead?

2. What reversals of fate has Helenus faced?

3. Why should Aeneas not have tried to found a city in Thrace?

4. What ties Aeneas and his people to the land to which they are headed to settle?

5. What does Jupiter predict will be the destiny of the Trojans?

6. What can you tell about how Aeneas is growing as a leader from his behavior at the funeral games?

7. Why is Juno so angry with the Trojans?

8. Compare and contrast the Greeks with the Trojans in the affair of the wooden horse.

9. How does talking to Anchises prepare Aeneas to go build a new city for the Trojans in Italy?

10. Why might the Trojan women have been tempted to set fire to the ships even without Juno and Iris befuddling them?

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