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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a reason why Anna thinks Dido should make a match with Aeneas?
(a) It is Jupiter's will.
(b) Dido's lands are surrounded by hostile people.
(c) Their brother could find and attack them in the future.
(d) Dido should enjoy love and children.

2. When Dido sees Aeneas' men readying their ships to sail, for what does she plead?
(a) That they take her sister Anna with them as a guide.
(b) For Aeneas to wait to sail until the weather is better.
(c) That they sabotage the ships to keep Aeneas in Carthage.
(d) For them to leave plans with her people for how to build such wonderful ships.

3. What kind of countryman is Achaemenidës?
(a) Sicilian.
(b) Etruscan.
(c) Ithacan.
(d) Trojan.

4. Which of the following is not an effect that Dido says has been caused by her love affair with Aeneas?
(a) Her own people hate her.
(b) Libyans and nomad kings hate her.
(c) She has lost her integrity.
(d) She is stuck with his child to raise.

5. What happens every time Aeneas tries to tear a branch from a tree in Thrace to construct a roof for the altar of his new colony?
(a) Fire surrounds his head.
(b) Jupiter's voice thunders above.
(c) Blood flows from the plant.
(d) Lightning flashes in the sky.

6. What reason does Entellus give for why he didn't volunteer immediately to fight Darës?
(a) He no longer believes that fighting is a good thing to do.
(b) He is getting older and his body is slower than it was.
(c) He would be embarrased to lose to Darës.
(d) He didn't want to take the chance to fight Darës away from Acestës.

7. What atrocity does Pyrrhus commit in front of Priam?
(a) He sets fire to a holy altar.
(b) He murders Priam's son.
(c) He claims to be Priam's son.
(d) He takes away Priam's sword.

8. Why does King Iarbas pray to Jove/Jupiter?
(a) He wants counsel about how best to attack Dido's lands while she is distracted with Aeneas.
(b) He is good friends with Dido and wants Jupiter to protect her new love.
(c) He wants Juno to stop bothering his country.
(d) He is angry that after he gave Dido land for her city, she has taken up with someone else.

9. How does Aeneas put out the burning Trojan ships after the Trojan women set them on fire?
(a) He prays to Jupiter and a storm comes.
(b) He asks Neptune to cover the ships with tall waves.
(c) He must let the fire burn out on its own.
(d) He calls on Aeolus to blow the fire out.

10. What tale does Dido want Aeneas to tell?
(a) How his parents met and had hims
(b) The story of Eros and Psyche.
(c) What happened to Odysseus during his Odyssey.
(d) How Troy fell and how the Trojans traveled to Carthage.

11. What does Anchises show Aeneas in the underworld?
(a) Scenes from the past history of Troy.
(b) Scenes of what his followers are doing at the present moment.
(c) Scenes of his future descendants in Italy.
(d) Scenes of what the deities are doing in Olympus.

12. What hides Aeneas' identity as he travels through Carthage?
(a) A huge bronze shield.
(b) A magic cape.
(c) A leather mask.
(d) A cloud of mist.

13. What action does the goddess Rumor take after Dido and Aeneas begin to revel in each others' company?
(a) She spreads whispers and gossip to make Dido's other suitors angry and jealous.
(b) She travels from country to country telling people that it isn't true that they are together.
(c) She tattles to Juno about what they have done.
(d) She tells the world of their love to encourage everyone to celebrate their union.

14. What does Sinon say will happen if the Trojans violate the wooden horse?
(a) They will face the wrath of the goddess Minerva.
(b) They will win the war against the Danaans.
(c) Nothing.
(d) They will win the favor of the god Pallas.

15. Who or what does Venus say is the cause of the fall of Troy?
(a) The harsh will of the gods.
(b) Helen and Paris for running away together.
(c) the Trojans for letting the Danaans trick them.
(d) Priam for being too proud.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Juno say Venus has made Dido fall in love with Aeneas?

2. Where do malefactors live in the underworld?

3. Who travels with Aeneas to check out the place where they have landed?

4. How does Cloanthus win the boat race during the funeral games?

5. What important things has Aeneas carried with him from Troy?

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