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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Jupiter send to talk to Aeneas?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Cupid.
(c) Venus.
(d) Juno.

2. What danger do Aeneas and his men face by Aetna?
(a) A herd of Cyclops.
(b) The wrath of Juno.
(c) Another flock of Harpies.
(d) A group of sirens.

3. Why does Palinurus fall overboard?
(a) He is drunk while on duty.
(b) He trips over Ascanius and falls.
(c) The boat lurches unexpectedly during a storm sent by Jupiter.
(d) Somnus puts him to sleep and shoves him into the water.

4. Why did Misenus meet an early death?
(a) He pretended he could make music as well as the gods and Triton drowned him.
(b) He went looking for Palinurus under the water and drowned too.
(c) He looked straight into the Sibyl's eyes.
(d) He ate the fruit of the golden bough.

5. Why did the Trojans think the Danaans had left?
(a) The Danaans set fire to their campsite and let it burn to the ground.
(b) The Danaans surrendered and promised to go.
(c) The Danaans hid their ships behind a nearby island.
(d) The Danaans sent a letter announcing that they were leaving.

6. How does Aeneas know Antheus, Sergestus, Cloanthus, and Ilioneus?
(a) He has heard tales of their great feats.
(b) He fought against them in the Trojan War.
(c) He does not know who they are.
(d) They are fellow Trojans.

7. Who is a figure from Greek and Roman mythology NOT depicted in the temple of Apollo?
(a) Pasiphaë.
(b) Icarus.
(c) Androgeos.
(d) Minotaur.

8. Why is Aeneas' appearance a surprise to Dido and the crowd?
(a) He appears accompanied by the goddess Venus.
(b) He appears wearing women's garb as a disguise.
(c) He appears swearing vengeance on them all.
(d) He appears out of a thinning cloud as if from thin air.

9. How does Aeneas put out the burning Trojan ships after the Trojan women set them on fire?
(a) He must let the fire burn out on its own.
(b) He calls on Aeolus to blow the fire out.
(c) He prays to Jupiter and a storm comes.
(d) He asks Neptune to cover the ships with tall waves.

10. What does Aeneas ask the gods through the Sibyl?
(a) He wants to settle peacefully in Latium.
(b) He wants his father brought back to life.
(c) He wants revenge on those who ruined Troy.
(d) He wants help rebuilding the original Troy.

11. Why does Venus at first think Juno's idea to have Dido and Aeneas marry and rule Carthage side by side is a bad one?
(a) She does not think their love will last.
(b) She does not think it fair to Dido to make her rule with Aeneas.
(c) She wants Aeneas to be the sole ruler of Carthage.
(d) She does not want Italy's future power diverted to Carthage.

12. What does Neptune say must happen for Aeneas and his followers to have save passage over the seas?
(a) One life must be sacrificed.
(b) Aeneas must find and give a pair of perfect horses to Neptune.
(c) Aeneas must promise not to go to Italy.
(d) Venus must sail with them.

13. Who does Venus send to Carthage disguised as Aeneas' son?
(a) Vulcan.
(b) A huntress.
(c) Her son, Cupid.
(d) Jupiter.

14. Who leads Aeneas to the golden bough?
(a) He finds it on his own.
(b) Two doves from Venus.
(c) The ghost of Misenus.
(d) The Sibyl.

15. What does Aeneas promise to do if the gods grant his wish?
(a) He will name his new city after Jupiter.
(b) He will make a sacrifice to Juno.
(c) He will honor his mother Venus more.
(d) He will build a temple to Phoebus and Diana of the Crossroads.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not an excuse Aeneas offers to Dido for why he must leave her?

2. At the beginning of Book V, why is the city behind Aeneas' departing ships bright?

3. Why are Aeneas and his people supposed to settle in Hesperia?

4. Why does King Iarbas pray to Jove/Jupiter?

5. What omen does everyone witness when Acestës is shooting arrows?

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