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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ilioneus ask of Dido?
(a) For permission to woo her.
(b) For directions to Troy.
(c) To help them mend their ships or to let them stay in Carthage.
(d) To help them build a shrine to Venus .

2. Who is Andromache's new husband?
(a) Apollo.
(b) Helenus.
(c) Orestes.
(d) Pyrrhus.

3. Who or what does Venus say is the cause of the fall of Troy?
(a) the Trojans for letting the Danaans trick them.
(b) The harsh will of the gods.
(c) Priam for being too proud.
(d) Helen and Paris for running away together.

4. What does Sinon claim is the reason he was left behind?
(a) He snuck away because he wants to help the Trojans beat the Danaans.
(b) He has been sent to the Trojans as an ambassador of peace.
(c) He was left behind to spy on the Trojans.
(d) He escaped before the Danaans could sacrifice him in exchange for good winds home.

5. What omen does everyone witness when Acestës is shooting arrows?
(a) A rainbow appears in the sky.
(b) His arrow makes a trail of flame and burns away to nothing.
(c) There is a flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder.
(d) It begins to rain.

6. Whom does Helenus say Aeneas should visit for advice?
(a) Andromache.
(b) Scylla.
(c) Charybdis.
(d) The sibyl of Cumae.

7. What does Palinurus' ghost ask Aeneas to do when he returns to the world?
(a) To find and bury his body.
(b) To avenge his death.
(c) Never to let Achates helm the boat.
(d) To do anything to make Iulus a king.

8. What portent appears relating to Iulus?
(a) A cloud of smoke that covers up his face.
(b) A tongue of flame on his head.
(c) A snake that wraps around his ankle.
(d) A bird that lands on his left shoulder.

9. What happens to everything the Harpies touch?
(a) It becomes theirs forever.
(b) It turns to gold.
(c) It disappears.
(d) It becomes covered in filth.

10. Why did Dido's people take on a peaceful mood toward Aeneas' people?
(a) Queen Dido commanded them to welcome all new visitors.
(b) They were visited by Mercury.
(c) They had heard great things about the Trojans from the Greeks.
(d) They were well known for always welcoming new people.

11. How does Darës get Entellus to fall during their boxing match?
(a) He ducks his punch and Entellus topples over.
(b) He knocks him out with one solid blow.
(c) He has the advantage of using heavier gloves.
(d) Entellus makes Darës fall.

12. What is Coroebus' idea for how he, Aeneas, and their companions can pass to safety?
(a) They will escape through a secret tunnel under the city.
(b) They will disguise themselves in Greek armor.
(c) They will hide inside the wooden horse until the Greeks take it back outside.
(d) They will call on Venus to come save them.

13. When Aeneas and the Trojans land in Sicily at the beginning of Book V, a year has passed since which important event?
(a) The death of Anchises.
(b) The fall of Troy.
(c) Paris taking Helen.
(d) Leaving Dido's city.

14. What does Aeneas think when he spots Helen while Troy is being destroyed all around them?
(a) He feels an impulse to kill her to punish her.
(b) He wants to carry her off and marry her.
(c) He feels pity for her circumstances.
(d) He wants to save her from her fate.

15. Who dies at the end of Book 3?
(a) Achaemenidës.
(b) Helenus.
(c) Anchises.
(d) Polyphemus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens every time Aeneas tries to tear a branch from a tree in Thrace to construct a roof for the altar of his new colony?

2. Who does Anchises predict will bring and Age of Gold to Latium?

3. What does the fake Iulus make Dido forget?

4. When Dido sees Aeneas' men readying their ships to sail, for what does she plead?

5. What does Sinon say is the purpose of the big wooden horse?

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