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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what does Venus say is the cause of the fall of Troy?
(a) Priam for being too proud.
(b) Helen and Paris for running away together.
(c) the Trojans for letting the Danaans trick them.
(d) The harsh will of the gods.

2. What does Aeneas think when he spots Helen while Troy is being destroyed all around them?
(a) He feels pity for her circumstances.
(b) He wants to save her from her fate.
(c) He wants to carry her off and marry her.
(d) He feels an impulse to kill her to punish her.

3. After first meeting Dido, what does Aeneas send for from his ships?
(a) For weapons to surrender them up to Dido's people.
(b) For his best toga and shield.
(c) For his son Ascanius and for gifts for Carthage.
(d) For his father Anchises and his medicine.

4. Where do Dido and Aeneas become "married"?
(a) At the altar of Juno.
(b) On a boat at sea.
(c) At the ruins of Troy.
(d) In a cave.

5. Where do malefactors live in the underworld?
(a) Elysium.
(b) In the River Styx.
(c) In the Blessed Groves.
(d) Tartarus.

6. How does Nisus try to help his friend Euryalus win first prize in the foot race?
(a) He trips Salius.
(b) He discourages others from entering the contest.
(c) He refuses to compete himself.
(d) He cheers loudly for him.

7. What is Aetna?
(a) A geyser that sprays from the ground.
(b) A large river.
(c) A volcano.
(d) A huge waterfall.

8. What curse does Celaeno lay on the Trojans?
(a) That they will be shipwrecked every time they try to set sail.
(b) That the Trojans will never build their new city until they have experienced famine.
(c) That they will wander the sea forever without finding a new place to settle.
(d) That they will be turned into Harpies as well.

9. What happens every time Aeneas tries to tear a branch from a tree in Thrace to construct a roof for the altar of his new colony?
(a) Lightning flashes in the sky.
(b) Blood flows from the plant.
(c) Jupiter's voice thunders above.
(d) Fire surrounds his head.

10. When Aeneas and the Trojans land in Sicily at the beginning of Book V, a year has passed since which important event?
(a) Leaving Dido's city.
(b) The death of Anchises.
(c) The fall of Troy.
(d) Paris taking Helen.

11. What is the job of the Sibyl?
(a) To give directions on where to go.
(b) To tell people what will happen.
(c) To guard a special cave entrance.
(d) To advise people on what jobs to take.

12. When Dido sees Aeneas' men readying their ships to sail, for what does she plead?
(a) For them to leave plans with her people for how to build such wonderful ships.
(b) That they sabotage the ships to keep Aeneas in Carthage.
(c) That they take her sister Anna with them as a guide.
(d) For Aeneas to wait to sail until the weather is better.

13. Why do the Trojan women set fire to the Trojan ships in Book V?
(a) It is a sign of respect and morning.
(b) It was a mistake and they actually meant to burn Acestës' ships.
(c) They are afraid Aeneas will leave without them.
(d) They are dazzled by signs and portents and want to make their home where they are.

14. How does Dido kill herself?
(a) With a lion bite.
(b) With poison.
(c) By drowning.
(d) With a sword.

15. What sign does Aeneas see during the ritual for his father?
(a) A tongue of fire.
(b) A snake.
(c) A cloud.
(d) A flash of lightning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What danger do Aeneas and his men face by Aetna?

2. What reason does Entellus give for why he didn't volunteer immediately to fight Darës?

3. How did Polydorus die?

4. What atrocity does Pyrrhus commit in front of Priam?

5. What does Neptune say must happen for Aeneas and his followers to have save passage over the seas?

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