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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sinon claim is the reason he was left behind?
(a) He snuck away because he wants to help the Trojans beat the Danaans.
(b) He escaped before the Danaans could sacrifice him in exchange for good winds home.
(c) He was left behind to spy on the Trojans.
(d) He has been sent to the Trojans as an ambassador of peace.

2. What does Jupiter want from Aeneas?
(a) He wants Aeneas to stop praying to him.
(b) He wants Aeneas to help Dido build Carthage into the finest city in the world.
(c) He wants Aeneas to do the right thing and marry Dido properly.
(d) For Aeneas to stop being distracted by Dido and her city and go build his own kingdom.

3. Who does Dido send to plead with Aeneas?
(a) Ascanius.
(b) Anna.
(c) Her favorite handmaiden.
(d) King Iarbas.

4. What does Sinon say is the purpose of the big wooden horse?
(a) It is a lighthouse to guide the Danaan ships back to Troy.
(b) It is meant to be fuel for a bonfire when the Danaans return to destroy Troy.
(c) It is an offering to apologize for stealing the Palladium.
(d) It is a gift to tell the Trojans they are sorry for attacking Troy.

5. Who dies at the end of Book 3?
(a) Achaemenid√ęs.
(b) Polyphemus.
(c) Anchises.
(d) Helenus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does King Iarbas pray to Jove/Jupiter?

2. What does the soothsayer say it means when bees cluster together and weigh down the branch of King Latinus' laurel tree?

3. What curse does Celaeno lay on the Trojans?

4. What does Sinon say will happen if the Trojans violate the wooden horse?

5. What does Palinurus' ghost ask Aeneas to do when he returns to the world?

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