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The Rutulian Tribe - This group is led by Turnus.

Latium - This is an area of Italy over which Turnus wants to rule.

Romulus - This is the future founder of Rome.

Carthage - This is the city founded by Dido.

Aeolia - This is a country of clouds and raging winds.

Hesperia/Italy - This country is prophesied to be the future home of the Trojans.

Harpies - These creatures turn everything they touch into foul excrement.

Sicily - This is where the Trojans who are tired of voyaging with Aeneas settle.

River Styx - This must be crossed to enter the underworld.

Tartarus - This is the place in the underworld where the bad souls are punished.

Fields of Lamentation - This is the place in the underworld where the souls that were cheated by love in life go.

Elysium - This is the...

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