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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom see that shows him the way out of the cave?

2. What is found by Injun Joe's body?

3. How does Polly learn that Tom was lying about his dream?

4. Where does Joe tell his partner he plans on running after the "dangerous" job?

5. What is Tom's attitude when he first takes the stand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Tom and Huck's treasure?

2. How does Tom treat Amy Lawrence when he comes back to school?

3. What is Tom's prior experience with the boy he saw Becky with?

4. Does the Welshman take credit for saving Widow Douglas?

5. Why does Injun Joe want to harm the Widow Douglas?

6. What is the town's reaction after the murder trial?

7. What good deed does Tom do for Becky?

8. How does Becky react when she first realizes she and Tom are lost?

9. What is kept in the mysterious room at the tavern?

10. What happens at the Fourth of July celebration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Superstition and myth is an important part of Tom Sawyer's worldview. Discuss superstition and myth in the novel.

1) What superstitions and myths does Tom believe in? Why does Tom believe in these superstitions and myths?

2) What does Tom do when events in reality contradict the myths or superstitions he believes in? Why does he react this way?

3) What are the other characters' opinions and beliefs about myths, superstitions, or the supernatural? How does Tom use Polly's belief in the supernatural to manipulate her?

Essay Topic 2

Tom Sawyer is a dramatic person. He creates melodrama out of the events of his life.

1) Why does Tom Sawyer take on a melodramatic attitude of pining for Becky and then depression when Becky rejects him? Who is this attitude aimed at?

2) How and why does Tom dramatize the things that he does, such as running away to become a pirate? Why does Tom choose to let his family suffer, thinking he's dead, so that he can make his reemergence more dramatic?

3) What is the origin of Tom's desire for drama?

Essay Topic 3

The novel contains many examples of guilt and self-condemnation. For example, Muff Potter condemns himself for a crime he didn't commit, saying it's right that he should die for it, while Tom and Huck are overcome with guilt for not telling what they know.

1) Tom is always misbehaving and doesn't feel guilty at all. What types of circumstances will or won't make Tom feel guilty?

2) Muff Potter and Huck Finn both feel that they deserve condemnation, in part because of the society's condemnation of them. How does societal condemnation relate to self-condemnation?

3) In what ways is guilt a valuable feeling? How does it help or hinder the characters? Use examples from the novel.

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